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Creativity And Authenticity Go Hand In Hand With Concept x Interiors

Arendonk, Belgium-based Concept X Interiors is an interior design company. The comprehensive non-binding guidance at home is their strength. They provide guidance on the design of your rooms and assist you in selecting the best materials, such as wall colors, wallpaper, fabrics, parquet, and other aspects. Concept X Interiors will work with you to design your “home” whether it involves updating your living room or completely developing and outfitting your new home, whether modern or traditional.

Genuineness and creativity go hand in hand. Because of this, Concept X Interiors stands for distinctive projects that are created in close coordination with the client. Authentic means trustworthy, believable, and real. Each item they offer the consumer has been carefully chosen and is covered by their warranty.

Concept X Interiors are not constrained by a specific style or spending limit because of their knowledge and the range of providers. They always guarantee quality, originality, and top-notch service in all of their projects. They lay a lot of emphasis on manufacturing their products in Europe and making sure that they are done so in a high-quality manner.

Concept X Interior is available for color advice, wall upholstery and wallpaper, furniture, antiques and decorative objects, lampshades, curtains and pull-up stores, covers for chairs and seating furniture, floor coverings, lighting, etc. They can also be the customer’s partner for catering or office projects, both in the development, implementation and supervision of the entire concept.

Concept X Interiors supports the integration of persons with mental disorders and their social readjustment by working with sheltered workplaces to help with both their rehabilitation and social readjustment. Additionally, by taking part in these activities, they want to reduce long-term hospitalizations, relapses, and discrimination. Their renovations are always contracted out to a secure facility where safety and care are offered.



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