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10 Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas

Contemporary design refers to the current and popular designs of the moment. Hallmarks of this design style include clean, curved lines, natural materials, stark contrasts, cool tones, and attention to quality. An ethos of intentionality is the focus of this aesthetic point of view. Ready for some interior design inspiration? Stay tuned and discover 10 wonderful living room ideas in contemporary design style!




10 Contemporary Living Room Ideas

For us, living rooms are like a gathering of different layers, dimensions, and feelings. With the Empire Center Table, you might as well get ready for a fusion of iconic details. Across the time stream, everything you take is moments like these.


One of the most prominent names in the world of interior design, the interior designer Sasha Bikoff has a special talent that no one seems to grasp – and she’s keeping it hidden. From fabulous design projects filled with color and a tad bit of play on the maximalist style to New York, this interior designer has a lot to teach us.




10 Contemporary Living Room Ideas

This fantastically decorated living room is quite exuberant in its details. Metals were the focal point for this room, where the matching golden stripes on the walls and ceiling mix in unison with the stripes of the furniture and lighting pieces. The contemporary vibe is noticeable not only by the decoration items but in the way the furniture was carefully curated for this area.


10 Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Known for its greenery and full of life terrains, Ancud has one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, that could only serve as the main inspiration for the Ancud Sofa. Upholstered in a deep green velvet fabric, resembling the plant life exuding from the purest fields, and capitoné effect creating the same feel of the different elevations in the terrain.


Peter Mikic is one of the great names of British interior design. His grandiose past in the fashion industry has a tremendous influence on his design style and grand capacity for creating playful and versatile designs that often step out of the box. Today, Mikic currently works with a talented team of architects and designers that help him fulfill his vision.




Fauna meets flora in this impressive contemporary rug and it is surely an iconic luxury design element. Inspiration is a very subtle thing and the Savana Rug translates inspiring concepts through a powerful design. As inventive as it gets.


Sugar Modular Sofa, the name says it all. A subtle modular sofa that resembles the sugar cubes used in your too-sweet coffee or tea. With an incredibly comfortable shape both in the upholstery and back, this is the right amount of flavor for your living room or foyer. With immense versatility, this neutral piece just hits the sweet spot.

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Eden Center Table is inspired by the mystic. This golden center table represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire. Boca do Lobo uses the highest quality materials and textures, giving them shapes through objects that create a cosmopolitan luxury environment, finding the finest example in this table. Fully made of polished casted brass, with a delicately engraved top exposing the heart of a golden tree to the very heart of a home. Available a set of two center tables Eden Center Table is also an elegant and highly decorative side table.


India Mahdavi imposes herself on the contemporary design industry as a singular, eclectic, and nomadic way to celebrate some kind of oriental pop in the West. She is known for her creations with a certain vision of happiness and color, which she never ceases to sustain. We just love it.


White has always been synonymous with cleanliness, safety, and purity. Furniture in white tones has the ability to support any style, provide visual relief, backdrops, and a soothing atmosphere. These palettes are always a must in contemporary interiors and, with a crystal chandelier like Naicca, a serene mood is achieved in this living room.