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Comfort Luxury Master Bathroom | By: Brachia Yasser

Comfort Luxury Master Bathroom is here! Set directly over the skyline, Caffe Latte and Covet House‘s new project, designed by Brachia Yasser, contemplates the versatility and ability of both brands to provide maximum comfort and well-being, combined with grandeur and ostentation. Ready to discover their newest comfort luxury master bathroom?

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Comfort Luxury Master Bathroom

luxury master bedroom

Marked by the strong contrast between wood and marble materials, the service bathroom became extended, flowing into a bathtub rich in golden and dark tones. Now in master format, this bright room is the perfect complement to any home style, whether it is more modern or classic, in neutral or glitzy finishes.

comfort luxury master bathroom

Right at the entrance, we are gifted by the candor and luxury of the washbasins, which bring a lot of nature-inspired shades, even by the decorative elements it suggests, typical of a neutral modern homeCanephora Mirror, by Caffe Latte, is one of the pieces that immediately catches our attention, for its expansion and particular format, along with Lapiaz Marble Freestanding, from Maison Valentina, minimalist but quite functional. Lighting also plays an important role since it is this element that connects the different corners of the room. McQueen Chandelier, by Luxxu, is a real pearl necklace, just like a museum piece, haunting its elegance and precious details. Next to it, Waterfall Wall Lamp, another iconic Luxxu item, fits perfectly with the opulence lived in this ambiance.


Canephora Mirror

canephora mirror caffe latte


Lapiaz Freestanding

lapiaz freestanding


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McQueen Chandelier

cubic big sconce boca do lobo


Waterfall Wall Lamp



comfort luxury master bathroom

Both pieces are equally present in the bathtub area, where the bath salts and fragrances are ready, for an hour of relaxation, in the company of Lapiaz Bathtub, from Maison Valentina. An incredible view in a country house always invites a glass of wine.


Lapiaz Bathtub

mv lapiaz bathtub


Caffe Latte and Covet House, in partnership with Brachia Yasser, surprise again by proving that bathrooms should be valued and deserve the same attention as other rooms because comfort and brightness can flourish anywhere. What do you think about this comfort luxury master bathroom?



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