modern diamond shape lightning pendant
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Charming Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Charming Dining Room Lighting Ideas


A great way to decorate and grab the attention of your Dining room is to add a chandelier or light pendant. Your personality and style can be reflected in a very interesting way by transforming the lighting of an environment. In fact, the dining room is a very important environment in a house as it is present in the daily meals of a family but also in the way of socializing with friends. So I give you more reasons to worry and choose carefully which chandelier to use in your dining room.


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The first inspiration was taken from Ricky Martin‘s beautiful house designed by the great Nate Berkus. 


Ricky Martins Dining Room


The mid-century lighting design is aesthetically charming, making it an excellent choice for a modern dining area.



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Turner pendant lamp is an art deco lighting fixture constructed of brass and aluminum that incorporates all of the design movement’s most unique aspects.



Designed by Charles Zana, this dining room combines modernism and art in one place! We love it!


Dining Room By Charles Zana


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This stunning lamp is composed of brass and aluminum and has a glossy black and gold plated finish, indicating excellent craftsmanship. It adds a mid-century and modern flair to any dining space, which we love.


suspension lamp handmade in brass and aluminum and features a glossy black and gold


This grand pendant light, inspired by Abbey Lincoln’s intriguing life, will be the perfect lighting design choice for a dramatic dining area.


golden and black matte contemporary light pendant


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The Botti Diamond suspension lamp is a piece of art! The designers upgraded the traditional brass structure with a beautiful gold-plated finish by adding a small series of aluminum spheres to create a unique modern diamond form.


modern diamond shape lightning pendant


This suspension lamp has a matte black framework with gold accents on the shades and the central sphere, which is an option for added elegance. It immediately draws the attention of anyone who enters your dining room.


matte black structure, with shades and the central sphere highlighted in gold lightning


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With its golden tones and contemporary aura, this mid-century ceiling light will lend a Hollywood glitz to any room.


golden tones and contemporary chandelier



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Art Deco Ideas For Your Dining Room


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