In this section, Best Interior Designer opens the doors to the homes of Hollywood celebrities, European nobility or notorious Unknowns to show you the best works of the most prolific, popular and amazing interior designers! You will ride luxury yachts of millionaires and take a sneak peek of their private mansions, visit the luxury suites of the most expensive hotels, all of which to show you the most inspiring works of some of the best designers of the world.
This section is for readers interested in interior design and those who closely follow new trends and the variety of architectural styles and also has a background knowledge of the history of culture and arts. But most of all, this section is for all of you who want to discover the best of the best of the design industry and their main actors: the interior designers. From the US to Europe, Asia or South America there isn’t one single market we don’t explore and we’ll tell you all about the Top100, 200, 500 or 1000 Designers of the Planet!