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First Boutique Kids | Luxury Childrenswear Brands

First Boutique Kids is here! The Millya Group is an investment firm that represents high-end fashion retail operations both in Cyprus and internationally. It was established and is managed by a board of executives from the luxury fashion industry, whose passionate ambitions, stellar reputations, and wealth of professional experience have turned an ambitious concept into a solid reality and revolutionized the concept of luxury shopping.

First Boutique Kids | Luxury Childrenswear Brands

As a member of the EU, geographically situated at the intersection of three continents, and with a favorable tax and regulatory environment, Cyprus provides a welcoming investment climate, leading to a steady increase in FDI inflows, tourist arrivals, consumer spending, and investments in upscale developments. The Millya Group has created a unique strategy in response to the need to create a premium shopping experience as well as the enormous market potential for luxury goods and services in Cyprus. Our objective is to establish a new standard for the luxury fashion retail industry in the Mediterranean region and to turn Cyprus into a popular shopping destination for tourists from all over the world.

The world’s top and most coveted designers of clothing, shoes, and leather accessories are shown in First Boutique, Cyprus’s finest fashion and luxury destination. Along with award-winning skincare items, the Boutique carries colognes and perfumes. First Boutique, which opened in 2012 as the largest luxury multi-brand store on the island, has since added an online store to further improve its luxury retail experience. It is committed to providing all customers, anywhere in the globe, with a really delightful shopping experience as well as top-notch customer service.

Every season, a team of expert buyers travels to the world’s fashion capitals to personally choose one-of-a-kind items that match First Boutique’s specifications for quality, luxury, and style. These items are then added to their brand mix collections. All of their distinctive pieces perfectly complement the preferences and requirements of their fashion-conscious clientele thanks to the collections’ personal touches and feels.

First Boutique’s seasoned international team is passionately committed to providing both men and women with an unrivaled shopping experience. You can reach us by phone or email to get the answers to your queries, and we never fail to deliver first-rate service.



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