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Borella Art Design: Bathroom Ideas That Amaze

Borella Art Design

Borella Art Design is an amazing and unique design company that has a creative team creating comfortable, elegant, and dazzling projects that are seriously inspiring! The studio’s designs range from residential designs to wellness spas and amazing yachts. They aim to generate experiences that are both lasting and glamorous!

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Home’Society believes that talking, discussing, and exploring ideas together is essential to the design process. The goal is to create a platform with a new vision of macro and micro trends within the industry, generating added value for the design lover community. These design talks include interviews with interior designers, architects, and showrooms to discover and discuss trending and the creative process.


borella art design

Cristine Borella-Snozzi established Borella Art Design and quickly got involved in the hospitality field, in order to give meaning to interior design. The aim was to create spaces that are not mere environments but rather ones that invite you to relax and enjoy the time you spend on them. The company, eventually, sought to design restaurants and even conference halls, making room for new challenges and ways of evolving. However, the company manages to do all types of projects.


white bathroom borella art design

Working abroad has helped the designers get new influences and inspirations. Being in touch with different and new cultures provides a different touch to interior design. Not only does it call for adaptability of the company but it also adds a new dynamism amongst the team members. They can add elements from different cultures to a design as well as easily adapt any project to the present environment, resulting in a magnificent composition.

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The designer tells us that traveling is seen as a blessing because it allows the company to have a much more flexible response to clients’ needs. Having projects all over Europe, obliges the company to adapt to different environments, cultures, and weather to result in the much-desired dreams.


Blue and white bathroom designed by borella art design

white bathroom washbasin designed by borella art design

White and neutral tones are prominent in the company’s designs. Cristine Borella-Snozzi claims that these tones create elegance and something quite exclusive. It gives this idea of peace and softness when we currently live in a busy and stressful society.

However, clients’ tastes tend to change with time and this demands new approaches that the company is planning to answer.

luxury bathroom and white bathtub designed by borella art design

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Mixes of color are something Cristine Borella-Snozzi is enamored by. It is a way of bringing harmony to a space, and even fluidity.

white luxury bathroom borella art design

The designer informed us that she admires BRABBU and Rug’Society, due to the exquisite and complementary products it possesses. They are very easy to combine and perfect to add to their different projects. Our interview ended with advice to anyone who aims to become a designer. Cristine says it is important to use both eyes so you can understand how you feel when you look at something, and why you like it. Take some inspiration and ideas and merge it into your personality.



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