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Best Interior Designers: Top 15 Bathroom Ideas

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Are you looking for inspiration for your new bathroom? The bathroom division is one of the most private spaces in our house, a place for relaxation after a long day. Take a look at stunning projects of bathrooms that were created by some of the most amazing interior designers in the world. Take a look also at this EBOOK featuring some Inspirations for Your Home.


Mea’ad Al-Aboud

Best Interior Designer * Mea'ad Al-Aboud.jpg

Fernando Santangelo

best interior designer * fernando santangelo5

Joanna Wood

joanna wood 2

And Architects

and architects 3

Emma Donnersberg

Best Interior Designers Emma Donnersberg 3

Eric Kuster

Discover the Design Excelence of Eric Kuster

Theresa Casey

Best Interior Designers * Theresa Casey

Olga Berkhman

Best Interior Designer Olga Berkhman

Cheryl Torrenueva

Best Interior Designers * Cheryl Torrenueva

Design Haus Liberty

design haus liberty 1

Mariette Himes-Gomez

Best Interior Designer Mariette Himes-Gomez (1)

David Collins

david collins 6

Andree Putman

Best Interior DesignerAndree Putman4

Vincent van Duysen

"vincent van duysen interiors"

John Stefanidis

john stefanidis 3


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