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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers | Ondine Karady

Ondine Karady is an internationally recognized designer with offices in New York and clients throughout the country. Those of you familiar with the famous show “Sex and The City” may recognize some of her work – Ondine began her career as a decorator designing for films and television shows including “Requiem for a Dream”, “The 25th Hour” and… “Sex and The City.”

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Her work on “Sex and the City” inspired her to devote her talents to home decor, and she founded Ondine Karady Design after the program ended in 2004. She has since won national and international acclaim for having a unique sense of flair and an innate sense of what her clients will want to surround themselves with – understanding that home design is successful only when it captures the sensibilities of those who will dwell in it.


In 2011 Ondine was the host of “Minute Makeover,” an online design program sponsored by Ikea and co-produced by AOL and Huffington Post. Her work has caught the eye of magazines including Traditional Home, which named Ondine one of the Top 20 Designers to Watch in 2010, as well the office of Michelle Obama, which asked for samples of her work as the First Lady began redecorating the White House residence in 2009.

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