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Best Interior Designers From New York | 18 Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers From New York are here! In this new post, Bestinteriordesignrs Blog delves into New York’s vibrant design scene and focuses on a group of 18 great people that are revolutionizing the field of interior design. These designers are pushing the envelope and having an impact on the New York design scene, from innovative ideas to exquisite craftsmanship. Join us as we get to know these group of artistic geniuses who are redefining the interiors of the city with their unique aesthetics, impeccable taste, and unwavering devotion.

Best Interior Designers From New York

18 Interior Designers You Must Know

1. Gachot

Gachot Studios was founded in 2012 by John and Christine Gachot, interior designers. The duo also has expertise in real estate, art direction, and interior design. A sophisticated look with a strong sense of place is what they aim to achieve. Their priorities are grace and simplicity with an emphasis on the little things.

2. Ghislaine Viñas

Ghislaine Vias is a designer with a base in New York City, and her cosmopolitan upbringing has influenced her unique and irreverent look. She has more than 22 years of experience and has won significant awards and recognition for her audacious and jovial sense of style. Ghislaine’s Dutch ancestry, as well as her love of theatrical arrangements and striking color contrasts, contribute to her singular perspective. In her ongoing quest to create stunning and unexpected landscapes, she pushes the limits of her creativity and embraces new challenges.

3. Haynes-Roberts

The wonderful portfolio of Haynes Roberts, which is loaded with gorgeous bespoke design projects, was created by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts. The primary objective of the design team is to satisfy the wants and aspirations of the customers, and because of excellent collaborations with some of the most prestigious design brands in the world, they are able to create breathtaking surroundings that turn the clients’ fantasies into reality.

4. Huniford Design Studio

One of the top interior designers in the US, James Huniford, also known as Ford, founded the Huniford Design Studio in New York. His unique style incorporates both comfort and elegance, and the designer thinks the places he designs also serve as a window into the personality of his clients. James Huniford and the Huniford Design Studio have a sizable portfolio of domestic interior design projects, and they expertly combine classic and modern style to produce timeless design inspirations!

5. Ishka Designs

Residential interiors, restaurant design, and vacation homes are the areas of expertise for a New York interior design firm. Ishka Designs is a master of the modern eclectic look and works with the top interior designers. Ishka Designs was named to the Elle Decor A-List in 2020, 2019, and 2023, respectively.

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6. Jayne Design Studio

Jayne Design Studio has been creating rooms with a deep connection to history and place for over 30 years. Jayne’s academic expertise in architectural history and ornamental arts drives his design philosophy, which draws inspiration from the past. He aims to deepen and improve the decorating of each area with a strong eye for detail. Jayne’s interest in architecture and the decorative arts has guided his trajectory into interior design, from prestigious scholarships to a position at Christie’s.

7. Juan Montoya Design

By combining textures, colors, volumes, and shadows in distinctive way, Montoya has developed distinctive style.By thoughtfully arranging items that reflect his interest in variety of cultures, he loves to make the most of any space.Juan has an extensive and varied portfolio, refusing to be limited to single style, although it is nevertheless feasible to recognize Montoya’s interiors by carefully examining his work.

8. Katie Ridder

The monograph Katie Ridder Rooms is based on the work of New York interior designer Katie Ridder, whose designs have appeared in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Town & Country, the New York Times, and Domino. She is frequently cited as one of the best designers for these well-known publications. You will undoubtedly be inspired by her interior designs and truly captivating creations!

9. Ken Fulk

A magnificent masquerade ball that Ken Fulk created in 2010 marked his design debut and solidified his name. Since then, the wealthy have turned to this little-known interior decorator to embellish their homes and organize extravagant weddings. Thanks to a flair for theatrics and a unique vision, Fulk’s Ken Fulk Designs Inc. has emerged as the industry’s most sought-after design and branding business. Despite having no formal training in interior design, Fulk’s creative approach treats every project as a cinematic masterpiece, from the opening credits through the last scene.

10. Kligerman Architecture & Design

Kligerman Architecture & Design is renowned for its distinctive design approach, which blends tradition with modern elements, resulting in sculptural forms, precise detailing, expansive glass features, and a touch of whimsy. Their architecture and interior departments collaborate seamlessly, either together or independently with external partners. The firm prides itself on close collaboration with clients, craftsmen, and colleagues to create bespoke living spaces, as well as occasionally undertaking public projects that receive the same level of meticulous attention to detail.

11. Mark Cunningham

Mark Cunningham is a New York-based interior designer who established his eponymous design firm in 2005. The design firm works in luxury residential interior projects, hotel design, architectural consulting, and commercial concepts domestically and abroad. Mark’s trademark is a layered design which is soft-spoken yet meticulous, no wonder he’s one of the best interior designers in the business. These bedroom designs by Mark Cunningham are the perfect example of how layered design can appear to be simple: neutral tones meet different textures and sophisticated details and a luxury bedroom is born.

12. Mark Grattan

Mark Grattan, a New York native, discovered his passion for creation through early experiences mowing the grass and creating intricate patterns. From painting with pastels to studying at Pratt Institute, his focus on art and craftsmanship grew. He explored materials by working with glass and running his own wood shop. Currently based between New York and Mexico City, Mark finds inspiration in both places as he continues his artistic journey.

13. Mark Hampton

Alexa Hampton has advanced the company’s history of creating luxurious, useful, classically inspired furniture for modern life since taking over as owner and president of her father Mark Hampton’s illustrious company in 1998. She has also increased the company’s global presence. Her project portfolio comprises lavish, beautifully layered urban flats, enormous town and rural homes, private planes, and yachts. It spans from New York City to Hangzhou, China. Some of today’s most elegant, resilient, and effective home landscapes are created by Hampton by fusing classical design and ornamental themes.

14. MKCA

MKCA, or Michael K Chen Architecture, is a prominent architecture firm recognized for providing customers seeking thoughtful and purposeful design with creative and wonderfully produced work. The firm employs a unified, coordinated, and collaborative approach to architecture, interior design, and product design. MKCA’s refined taste and painstaking attention to detail come through in endeavors ranging from individual flats to single-family houses and bigger structures, owing to its depth of expertise in designing and constructing projects of all kinds.

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15. MR Architecture + Decor

MR Architecture + Decor is a 40-person studio with its headquarters in New York City and is run by founding partner David Mann. An alignment between the client’s desires and the architect’s capabilities defines the MR aesthetic. The best interior design projects and genuine design inspirations combine form and function.

16. Neal Beckstedt Studio

Neal Beckstedt Studio is a boutique architecture and interior design firm that offers both residential and commercial clients a wide range of services. For each project, the business creates distinctly contemporary interiors that exude warmth and comfort. By combining antique, contemporary, and custom pieces, this warm modernist unique aesthetic is achieved. The firm enjoys designing traditional, fashionable, and useful spaces that reflect the client’s lifestyle.

17. Nicholas Obeid

Nicholas Obeid established his New York City-based business in 2018. His interior design work is a thoughtful blend of old and contemporary, with each project created with the goal of making the client feel energised. His approach to design is based on his preoccupation with light, forms, and shadows, as well as his background in prop styling and art directing, and is focused on conveying stories via captivating compositions. With a line centred on craftsmanship set to appear in late 2023, he also designs furniturelighting, and décor for CB2, a relationship inspired by his philosophy that everyone deserves to live in style. His studio’s dimensional interiors and distinctive goods, recently named to Elle Decor’s A-List and recognised by Architectural Digest, Interior Design, and T Magazine, exhibit his aesthetic sensibility and unique viewpoint.

18. Nick Olsen

Neal Beckstedt Studio is a boutique architecture and interior design firm that offers both residential and commercial clients a wide range of services. For each project, the business creates distinctly contemporary interiors that exude warmth and comfort. By combining antique, contemporary, and custom pieces, this warm modernist unique aesthetic is achieved. The firm enjoys designing traditional, fashionable, and useful spaces that reflect the client’s lifestyle.
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