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Best Interior Designers * MSMR

MSMR is a team of architects and designers working on a wide range of projects in the UK and overseas with particular emphasis on prime central London residential property. Since their formation in 2000, they have developed a reputation for producing exciting, contemporary architecture and interiors. Their creativity, imagination and technical abilities enable them to produce innovative designs that maximise space and light, creating high quality, high value results for clients.

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Their residential portfolio includes apartment buildings and individual houses, mews houses and penthouses as well as affordable housing. A range of mixed use and non-residential projects showcase their versatility. Their international work includes a number of projects in Gibraltar, Spain and Russia.

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Clients often come to them with unusual sites involving listed buildings, complex planning issues and technical challenges – they value the studio’s commitment, enthusiasm and market awareness.

Their comprehensive architectural services are complimented by their interior design and specialist residential space planning services.

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Their approach is resourceful, imaginative and collaborative from the outset, without ever losing sight of financial constraints. They actively drive the design process forward and understand the importance of working as part of a team.

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They believe building design should be sensitive to both the architectural and environmental context. They approach each project with an open mind and relish the opportunity  to maximise the potential of the clients’ developments. In turn, clients appreciate their ability to shape and realise their aspirations and goals.

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Their culture is one of openness and responsiveness. They are thorough, well organised and tenacious. Everyone at MSMR shares the view that an efficient and successful architectural practice can pursue innovative, commercial ideas whilst still maintaining a socially responsible approach to architecture and design.


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