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Best Interior Designers From Italy | STUDIO ARKJPAN

Best Interior Designers From Italy are here! Architects Paola Niolu and Junio Cellini established STUDIO ARKJPAN in 2001. They were drawn together by their shared sensitivity to context, innate curiosity in the development and emergence of new trends, persistent focus on technological innovation, and intense passion for the finished product.

Best Interior Designers From Italy | STUDIO ARKJPAN

They were both born in Rome, graduated from “Università La Sapienza” with degrees in architecture, and, after working individually in a number of reputable firms with an international reputation, founded STUDIO ARKJPAN. With its headquarters in the heart of Rome, STUDIO ARKJPAN works professionally to produce top-notch architectural products all over the world.

For residences, restaurants, and hotels, STUDIO ARKJPAN specializes in NEW ARCHITECTURE, INTERIOR DESIGN, and RENOVATION. In order to materialize the results of intuitions, ideas, and proposals with solutions whenever Different and New but still Custom and Exclusive, STUDIO ARKJPAN uses both internal and external collaboration of specialist technicians, craftsmen, and suppliers, all carefully chosen.

Thanks to the quality of the product, the projects carried out by STUDIO ARKJPAN have been published in various international journals.



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