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Best Interior Designers* Interview with Tomás Alía

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Nobody can deny that, this prestigious interior architect is able to leave a sign in everything he works on, his work is identified by his versatility and ability to combine different styles. And apply it with sophistication and good taste in private houses, hotels, restaurants or shops. That’s why we would like to examine its working method.


In your projects you have hotels, restaurants, clubs, shops, offices and homes. Which one motivates you the most?

All in different ways, because each one is different and attractive. Right now I’m super involved with the projects abroad Spain, like UAE; a hotel for Room Mate in Amsterdam. But also the ones I have in Madrid (Spain) like a building of exclusive homes, the Los 40 Café franchise and its international spread… All of them motivate and inspire me in the same way and I get totally involved in each one.

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Is it difficult to satisfy the desires of a businessman or a homeowner?

The homeowner is usually more interested in the project evolution. We must understand that it’s his/her private space, the place where he/she is going to spend lot of time, so it is logical that he/she gets super involved giving his/her point of view.


Are you one the people suffering professional distortion everywhere you go? Do you analyze and change mentally the furniture allocation in each restaurant, house, etc. you go?

Totally! I can’t stop observing and analyzing the places I go, I believe it is part of my profession.

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I think that when you were a kid you reordered everyplace you slept in. Like the bunk beds in the boarding school you studied…

Yes, it’s like that… since I was a little kid I have been interested in create and learn the space in a special way. It’s inherent to me…

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How is your house decorated?

Well, my house is a classic box in a tenth building. But I emptied it to give it the transgressor and avant-garde personality in which I like to move through. But, overall I wanted a confortable space, with neutral colors and light contrasts with colorful details and big sofas to relax.

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Do you change the furniture and its location in your house?

Not too much. But I think that sometimes its mandatory to relocate the spaces to renew energies.


Give me the keys to decorate my house with low budget, not enough to ask a decorator to do it…

I believe in democratic design. In the market there is affordable stuff, as decorator I prioritize the wrapping, I agree with neutral boxes stained with well-selected furniture elements, few and big things, that breathe. Knowing illumination is great, create environments with light transforms the space.

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Speaking about decoration, what are the fashions to come?

The mix, the inspiration from emerging countries, this gives us the key of where and how everything runs.

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