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Best Interior Designers, Middle East

Best Interior Designers in Qatar | Luna Design

Best Interior Designers in Qatar | Luna Design  – Luna Design is an innovative and dynamic company based in Doha since 2013. Their design allows them to offer their clients unique and exclusive spaces featuring pure elegance and quality. Have a look and stay tuned!

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They take every project as a new challenge, interpreting the needs and wishes of the client. Luna’s expertise is extensive in all areas as residential, hospitality, workspace, retail, branding, and tailor-made furniture.

Luna was born to create a new way of understanding the world of design, furniture, interior, and exterior decoration. At Luna they work to create art, always searching the natural beauty and quality, giving their design a unique personality and bearing in mind the vanguard of contemporary design, simple and balanced.

They are proud to say that many of their clients have rehired them since they understand and appreciate design as a profitable value to their business. Luna’s passion is design!


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