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Jenny Weiss and Helen Bygraves have built an award winning Design Consultancy with their friendly, approachable attitude, enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail.

They take pride in every commission in the UK or abroad whether the client is a leading developer in the luxury housing sector or a private individual.

“We like to think there is an unmistakable touch of glamour in everything we do”


Here are some testimonials regarding their work:


“When I bought my home 10 years ago I decided that I needed a design practice that would give it a special kind of glamour and elegance. I wanted the “wow” factor. So I count myself fortunate that I was introduced to Hill House Interiors as they not only provided expert advice and inspiration for every room but were happy to work with me to interpret and build on my own ideas too.

Helen, Jenny and their team brought a quality of visual flair, knowledge, personal service and attention to detail that was simply wonderful. I particularly love the quality of materials that they work with. My home has received literally hundreds of compliments over the years, (so much so that now that I want a refresh I am once again working with Hill House Interiors!)I would not hesitate to recommend them.”


Sylvia Auton

Former CEO IPc media

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