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Best interior designers: Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay

As you know, we at “Best Interior Designers” like to write a lit bit of the top interior designers in the world. We already wrote about dozens of them but we will continue to share with your the biography and the amazing projects of the best interior designers in the world.

Today you will read about Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay: a very talented American lady that’s making a very impressive work in the UK.

Before starting her interior design career in London, Mrs Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay started working in New York city has as a fashion stylist. She collaborated with some top department stores and with the prestigious magazine Elle Decor. That kind of collaborations made Henri an art director. She managed photo shoots for and layout for important and prestigious stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Brooks Brothers and Bloomingdales.

Best Interior Designers: Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay"Lower Addison Gardens interior design by HFL

In 2004, in the United Kindgom, Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay founded an interior design company that has her name. HFL has been designing in the residential market and is involved in projects since the beginning.

Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay likes to work with architects so that she can oversee the whole project and make suggestions for layouts, finishes, lighting and ironmongery.

"Best Interior Designers:Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay"Provencal home designed by HFL

Her style results of a combination between the new and old, to create a comfortable and relaxed ambience, personalized to every single one of her clients.

“I want a client’s house to relate back to them, to be recognizable as their home yet also aspirational – to be the very best of them.”

"Best Interior Designers: Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay"Landsdowne Road

This is just a little bit of the work and story of Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay: a very talented lady  that’s making a very impressive work in the UK.

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