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Best Interior Designers, Europe

50 Best Interior Designers In Europe Part IV

50 Best Interior Designers In Europe are here! We are excited to present you with Part IV of our series on the 50 Best Interior Designers in Europe. From Spain to Switzerland, and everywhere in between, we have searched high and low to bring you the most innovative and talented designers in the industry. In this edition, we showcase the crème de la crème of the interior design scene in Europe, highlighting their unique styles, their impressive portfolios, and their exceptional talent. Discover the most creative minds with our list of the best interior designers in Europe!

1. A&B Curated – Spain

A&B Curated are interior designers that approach each project through an individualized lens that can completely transmit the personality and lifestyle of each client. Their trademark look is based on a combination of their love for surrounding art, antiques, and one-off pieces. Creativity and inspiration in life make them unparalleled in the design of any living or dining room!

2. Ana Rita Soares – Portugal

Atelier Ana Rita Soares develops interior design projects in private houses, and commercial and hotel spaces.

3. Anna Furbacken – Sweden

Anna Furbacken runs small and large projects in styling in public and private environments. All assignments are unique and so are her designs. Anna tailors each project to its conditions and goals.

4. Atelier Bossa – Portugal

Both designers were born in Brazil, and together they have created their dream in Lisbon and have been inspiring many people through their designs for many years now.

5. Bashco Trading – Poland

Bashco Trading is a leading interior design and fit-out company based in Warsaw, Poland and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Bashco Trading has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget. The company has completed projects for a wide range of clients, including commercial, residential, and hospitality sectors, and has won several awards for its exceptional work. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Bashco Trading is a trusted partner for any interior design and fit-out needs in Poland and the UAE.


Excelsa Modular Sofa


6. BVBA DC-Interieur

BVBA DC-Interieur is an interior design company based in Belgium that specializes in creating unique and personalized living spaces. With a focus on creating modern and innovative interiors like dining areas or bedrooms, the company offers a range of services including design consultation, project management, and execution.

7. CKA Cheryl Konrath Architecture – Luxembourg

CKA Cheryl Konrath Architecture is an architecture and design firm based in Luxembourg. Led by architect Cheryl Konrath, the firm specializes in creating modern and innovative spaces that balance form and function. With a focus on sustainable design, CKA Cheryl Konrath Architecture aims to create spaces that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible. The firm offers a range of services, including architectural design, interior design, project management, and consulting. Whether it’s a private residence or a commercial space, CKA Cheryl Konrath Architecture approaches every project with a commitment to quality, creativity, and client satisfaction.

8. Concept X – Belgium

Concept X is a Belgian interior design and architecture firm that offers a wide range of services to create bespoke and luxurious living spaces. Their team of designers and architects has a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, which is evident in the many projects they have completed for both residential and commercial clients. Concept X approaches every project with a focus on creating a unique and personalized experience for each client, with a particular emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly design. Their extensive portfolio showcases their expertise in everything from custom furniture for your living room to complete home renovations and their dedication to crafting spaces that are both beautiful and functional. Whether it’s a modern, minimalist design or a more traditional approach, Concept X has the skills and creativity to bring any vision to life.


Monet Center Table


9. DEMIVISTA – Switzerland

DEMIVISTA is a studio that brings together creative minds in love with the design. They develop contemporary residential and commercial interiors as well as furniture for individuals and brands with an aesthetic balance between style and function.

10. Estudio Raul Martins SL – Spain

Estudio Raul Martins SL is a Spanish interior design and architecture firm that specializes in creating unique and personalized living spaces for its clients. With a focus on innovative design and a commitment to excellence, their team of experts works closely with each client to understand their individual needs and preferences, resulting in a custom design that exceeds expectations. Their portfolio showcases a variety of projects, from modern and minimalist to traditional and rustic, with a consistent emphasis on attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Brabbu Luxxu Essential Home Delightfull Caffe Latte Covet Lighting Rug Society Maison Valentina Circu Pullcast Covet Collection Homesociety Mid-century Club

11. Ethnic Chic – Home Couture – Netherlands

Ethnic Chic – Home Couture is a luxury interior design and lifestyle brand based in Amsterdam. They specialize in creating unique and timeless spaces that reflect their clients’ personalities and lifestyles using exquisite materials from around the world. Their bespoke services include interior design, furniture, and accessory styling.

12. Felix Stol – Netherlands

Felix Stol is an Interior Design Studio inspired by art, architecture, and fashion. Using techniques of design to create environments that reflect the personality of the resident.

13. Galli Decoration – Switzerland

Galli Decoration is a Swiss interior design firm that creates bespoke and high-end residential and commercial spaces. With many years of experience, they specialize in creating timeless designs that blend tradition with modernity, using the finest materials and craftsmanship. Their services include interior design, furniture design, lighting design, and project management, ensuring every detail is taken care of for their clients.

14. GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors – Portugal

Founded in 1990 by Maria Gavinho, the Portuguese studio GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors stands out for its design projects in the areas of architecture, landscaping, interior design, product design and art consultancy.

15. Grupo Interiores GTH – Spain

Grupo Interiores GTH is a well-known Spanish company that specializes in high-end interior design solutions. They are known for their innovative and creative designs that reflect their client’s unique personalities and tastes. They offer a wide range of services, including interior design, furniture, and lighting solutions. Their experienced team of professionals works closely with clients to create customized designs that are both functional and stylish. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality has made them a popular choice for luxury residential and commercial projects.

16. Haven Interiors – Switzerland

Haven Interiors is a full-service design firm, with a highly knowledgeable staff of experienced professionals in every capacity. Their work includes balancing and exceeding expectations when it comes to interior design, whether it be a living room or the most stylish bedroom.

17. HEBAN – Poland

Galeria Heban is a Polish company that offers a wide range of interior design solutions, specializing in wood-based products. Their portfolio includes luxury furniture, doors, flooring, staircases, and other woodwork. They use high-quality materials and employ skilled craftsmen to produce unique and custom-made pieces for their clients. Galeria Heban has received several awards and recognition for their innovative and high-quality work. Their website showcases some of their stunning and elegant designs.

18. HomeStyleStudio – Sweden

HomeStyleStudio is run by Daniella Lindberg and is aimed at both private and corporate customers in everything that concerns home staging, and interior design but also product styling at photo/catalog & showrooms.

19. Infinity Luxury Design – Spain

Infinity Luxury Design is a Barcelona-based interior design firm that specializes in creating luxurious and sophisticated spaces for residential and commercial clients. With a team of talented designers, architects, and project managers, Infinity Luxury Design offers a full range of services from concept design to final installation.

20. Interior Treasures – Netherlands

Interior Treasures creates stunning interiors of the highest caliber and installs them. They have specialized in Residential, Corporate, Yachting, and Commercial projects, working with the most lavish, luxury-driven individuals and businesses worldwide.


Waterfall II Big Wall Lamp


21. Interspazio Contract – Switzerland

Interspazio Contract is a company that specializes in interior design and architecture, providing turnkey solutions for commercial, residential, and hospitality spaces. With a focus on sustainability, technology, and craftsmanship, Interspazio Contract has become a trusted name in the industry, known for its creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail.

22. Jacober Interiors – Switzerland

Founded by the interior designer Amanda Jacober, Jacober Interiors creates original and refined interiors around the Zurich area of Switzerland. Their main focus is the capture the customer’s personal style, and then deliver it to the room.

23. Jean-Louis Deniot – France

Featured on the ELLE Decor and AD 100 lists of the best interior designers in the world, Jean-Louis Deniot has long been in the business of creating atmospheres. Jean-Louis Deniot has lived and breathed interior design from an early age. His décors are his playground, spaces where spontaneity and magic are present. Recognized worldwide for his eclectic and emblematic interiors, Jean-Louis Deniot plays in a multiplicity of repertoires, never sticking to the purity of style. If he does contemporary, it’s always with a weighty dose of history and references infused into it, to produce a timeless scenario. Deniot uses his travels for inspiration, nodding to past time periods and refined color palettes, turning into the reason why he has been booked for an endless list of impressive projects.

24. Kordeuter Inneneinrichtungen – Swizterland

Kordeuter Inneneinrichtungen is a Swiss-based company that has been providing high-quality interior design services since 1926. With a focus on creating unique and customized designs, Kordeuter Inneneinrichtungen has become a trusted name in the industry. From bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms, Kordeuter Inneneinrichtungen is committed to providing the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail in every project they undertake.

25. Lázaro Rosa-Violán – Spain

Having opened his studio in 2002, Lázaro has built himself an impressive portfolio that stands in front of a philosophy that is all about experiences provided by the space and its designer. Lázaro’s ultimate goal, placing him ahead of other interior designers, is to create unique atmospheres, something that transcends the place itself.

26. LB Intérieur Design – France

An eco-responsible, economical and warm decoration, are the keywords of LB Intérieur Design. They just make you feel the whole history of the place like you are returning to the home that you have lived there for years.

27. Lehmann Design – Poland

Lehmann Design has been operating successfully since 2001. During this time, over 80 interiors of apartments and houses were completed, as well as interior designs for shops, restaurants, hotels and kindergartens. Numerous publications in Polish magazines and opinion-forming press titles on decoration, arrangement and interior design confirm the quality of their design work and experience.

28. LF24 Arquitectura Interiorismo – Spain

LF24 is a team of interior designers that creates incredibly professional projects with the certifications of various years of experience in the field. Each project is a blank slate, and the client’s needs are the top priorities in their minds.

29. Maison Numéro 20 – France

The rising signature of High-End Parisian Decoration, Maison Numéro 20 has been in the market for almost ten years. Founded and directed by Oscar Lucien, the agency is inspired by 20th-century Interior Designers. Like Pierre Chareau, the agency coordinates the Interior Architecture expertise and creative professions within projects in which custom-made is paramount for perfect interiors.

30. Mercedes Arce – Spain

Studio 33 Interiors, LLC. was founded in 2008 as a high-end “boutique design” firm with the purpose of bringing professional architectural design experience to the luxury markets. Their goal is to bring order, harmony and beauty in design to the clients.


Niku Pendant Lamp


31. Moda Bagno – Greece

Moda Bagno and Interni have been facilitating access to the world’s top design brands and bespoke creations since 1974. They deliver exceptional style, quality, and service through their brick-and-mortar stores located in Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey, as well as through their e-shop, internistore.com. Their extensive range of products includes bathroom and kitchen fixtures, indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as lighting, decor, and accessories that are perfect for enhancing any living space. With a commitment to offering a diverse selection of the finest products and unparalleled service, Moda Bagno and Interni have become trusted sources for exceptional design in the region.

32. Moinard Bétaille – France

From London to Chengdu, To Moscow, Kyoto and Dubai, wherever civilizations are rich enough to embrace other cultures, Moinard Bétaille instills a dose of French spirit, like a spice whose power they master. If they borrow from the expertise of exceptional craftsmen, central to the French imagination since the eighteenth century, this knowledge is turned towards the centuries to come, to produce or awaken the heritage of tomorrow.

33. My Honey Home – Poland

My Honey Home is a Polish-based company that specializes in natural and sustainable home products. They offer a wide range of high-quality and environmentally-friendly home decor items, including bedding, towels, candles, and other home accessories. With a focus on sustainability, My Honey Home sources its materials from trusted suppliers and strives to minimize waste in its production process. Their products are designed to enhance the comfort and style of any living space, while also contributing to a more eco-friendly and healthy home environment.


Zelda Single Sofa


34. Oger International – France

Oger International has been known for its creative business approach since its establishment in 1979. This approach allows them to adapt to the ever-changing engineering field and meet the specific demands of their clients. With expertise in various fields like structure, methods, OPC, decoration, architecture, MEP, etc. all under one roof, Oger International is well-equipped to tackle any project. Their proficiency in project management from design to delivery is also noteworthy. The company has been able to develop recognized expertise for more than 30 years, which allows it to participate in the realization of many emblematic or high-tech projects throughout the world.

35. Pacific Compagnie – France

Pacific Compagnie is a French-based company that specializes in luxury furniture and home decor. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they have established themselves as a leading name in the world of high-end interior design. They offer a wide range of exquisite and unique products, from rare vintage pieces to modern, contemporary designs. Pacific Compagnie’s focus on quality and exclusivity is evident in its selection of materials, finishes, and designs.

36. Palladio Interiors – Poland

At the base of Maria Rosaria Boccuni’s work in the research and application of classical principles and proportions to interior conceptions: traditional, modern or contemporary. She likes playing with contrasts: rough/smooth surfaces; linens/silks; rustic/elegant. She loves colors. Colors animate a surface, create drama or lightness and add elegance or rusticity to an interior. Colored surfaces reflect light and can add emotional power. Light is the other element at the base of her interiors.

37. Patrick Russ Interiors – Netherlands

Patrick Russ Interiors is an interior design firm based in the Netherlands. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Patrick Russ and his team have established themselves as one of the most sought-after names in the world of luxury interior design. Their portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from high-end residential properties to commercial spaces and hotels. Patrick Russ Interiors is known for its unique and sophisticated designs, which seamlessly blend classic and contemporary styles to create timeless spaces that are both elegant and functional.

38. Pierre-Yves Rochon – France

Pierre-Yves Rochon has been entrusted with iconic historic landmarks as well as cutting-edge developments around the world as a direct result of the creative integrity, authenticity and craftsmanship they bring to every project.

39. Piet Boon – Netherlands

Piet Boon is one of the most relevant and iconic designers of our time and belongs to the most famous Dutch architects and interior designers. Together with a creative director Karim Meyn, Piet leads his own team of designers, top interior designers and architects.

40. Poppe Design – Norway

Poppe Design is an interior design company that has gained extensive experience working with private clients. The firm, founded in 2007, operates in Oslo, Norway, with a team of four professionals. Poppe Design specializes in bespoke designs that cater to the unique needs of each client and project, with a focus on classic and modern styles. They approach each project with a fresh perspective, whether it is a villa, cottage, or office, and strive to create one-of-a-kind designs. Poppe Design values collaboration with its clients and often works on multiple projects simultaneously. They work with top craftsmen and suppliers to ensure that their clients receive unparalleled results.


Pharo Chandelier


41. Projectamus – Portugal

Established in Lisbon, in 1995, Projectamus Atelier combines innovative design and creative vision to build the best Architecture for Interior Design Projects.

42. Raúl Lamarca – Spain

Raúl Lamarca is a Spanish-based interior design firm that offers a wide range of services to create beautiful and functional spaces. Their team of professionals has over 20 years of experience in the industry and specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects. Raul Lamarca Vazquez has built a reputation for their attention to detail, creativity, and ability to bring their client’s visions to life. They work closely with clients to understand their needs, preferences, and budget, creating personalized and unique designs that reflect their style and personality.

43. Robos Cruise Furniture – Netherlands

Robos Cruise Furniture is a Dutch-based company that specializes in the production of high-quality furniture for the cruise industry. The company has over 50 years of experience in the industry and has become a trusted name in the world of maritime furniture. Robos Cruise Furniture is known for its innovative designs, superior quality, and exceptional service. They work closely with their clients to understand their needs and preferences, offering customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

44. SMALT DESIGN – France

The interior design agency SMALT DESIGN intervenes in the development of private and professional spaces. The agency collaborates with a team of passionate and efficient craftsmen and contractors selected for their know-how and skills.


Espresso Floor Lamp


45. Stureplans Gruppen – Sweden

Stureplans Gruppen is a Stockholm-based hospitality group that operates some of the most prestigious nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and hotels in Sweden. Founded in 1991, the company has become a prominent name in the industry, known for its exceptional service, high-quality cuisine, and stylish venues. Stureplans Gruppen prides itself on its commitment to providing customers with unforgettable experiences, whether they are looking for a night out on the town or a luxurious stay at one of its hotels.

46. Swiss Attixs Hospitality – Switzerland

Swiss Attixs Hospitality is a leading hospitality group that operates a portfolio of hotels and resorts across Switzerland. The company’s aim is to provide guests with an unforgettable experience by combining the highest standards of service with Swiss tradition and hospitality. Swiss Attixs Hospitality’s portfolio includes both luxury and economy hotels, each of which is designed to cater to the needs of different types of guests.

47. Stylingfabriken – Sweden

Stylingfabriken is a styling and interior design company that loves to work with interior design in both private and public environments. Being able to work in the creative to get something that is good for something even better, is an important part of their work.

48. Thöny – Liechenstein

Mobel-Center Thony is a furniture store based in Liechtenstein that has been providing high-quality furniture solutions for over 100 years. With a focus on quality and sustainability, Mobel-Center Thony offers a wide range of furniture options, including living room sets, bedroom sets, dining room sets, and more. Their experienced team of designers and craftsmen work closely with clients to create bespoke furniture pieces that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

49. TK Interiors – Netherlands

In 1998, TK Interiors started out as “Keukenhuys de Tweede Kamer” in Kaatsheuvel. Over the next 20 years, they developed into high-end interior specialists known as TKI – Tweede Kamer Interiors – who cater to all of their clients’ interior needs. This includes the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Keeping a close eye on the latest trends and innovations in the international interior design world, TK Interiors has defined five styles that are continuously updated to meet the latest developments.

50. Tristan Auer – France

Tristan Auer is a prevailing force in the interior design world who came of age under icons like Christian Liaigre. He is an entrepreneurial interior architect who founded his own studio in 2002, which specializes in ultra-high-end residences, boutique hotels, and retail, as well as bespoke furniture design. A couturier, Tristan’s signature panache can be found across the globe. As Principal of Wilson Associates’ Paris atelier, he will oversee the firm’s “hautest” design projects across Europe. The designer says: “I like to embark on adventures with my clients. The goal is to let design and decoration soften their lives.”



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