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Best Interior Designers, Europe

Best Interior Designers – Decolabs Interiors

Vintage Event This July Don't Miss The Fine-Tuned Vintage Event in Liverpool! 5E73CB16ED12C5D362E01166851E4CDA2E0E1A985966A8D5D461 5Epimgpsh fullsize distrIt’s time for Best Interior Designers to present you Decolabs Interiors,  a full-service interior design firm specializing in residential interiors. 


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Founded by Russian interior designer and professional decorator Inna UsubyanDecolabs Interiors is a growing force within the Russian design industry. Their projects range from a single room redecoration to an entirely new construction project.

Best Interior Designers - Decolabs Interiors

They always make sure that the final result is filled with warmth, color, texture, depth – but most of all, personality.

Best Interior Designers - Decolabs Interiors

Usubyan graduated from prestigious Design School “The Details” in Moscow and British Higher School of Design and, throughout her career she’s been working with interiors for mansions as well as the compact studios. As you can expect from DeColabs projects, Usubyan likes to experiment with a wild range of styles and approaches.

Best Interior Designers - Decolabs Interiors

Inna carefully selects materials, accessories, and furniture for her projects and known for paying a great attention to details. She collaborates with international craft-mans and artisans to create a unique soul and style in her work.

Best Interior Designers - Decolabs Interiors

That’s why every element of this company’s projects is pulled together and each room is perfectly suited to the people who live in them. This famous Interior Design firm aims to achieve a pulled-together look and feel for every home making it warm, inviting, and practical, while reflecting the client’s personality and lifestyle.

Best Interior Designers - Decolabs Interiors

To end this article we would like to show you an amazing design that we feel is beautiful, functional, and harmonious. This all article was illustrated with photos from that project that was created to bring comfort, trough a customized home that will remain timeless, personal, and appealing — a source of enduring beauty, tranquility and happiness.

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