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Best Interior Designers, Europe

Best Interior Designers From Bulgaria | Idea International

Best Interior Designers From Bulgaria are here! The idea engine behind IDEA Interior Design Studio is Alex Kovatchev. Among experts in the fields of design and furnishing in Bulgaria, Western Europe, and all over the world, his work is well known and highly regarded. With his projects, Alex Kovatchev and his team have won numerous international prizes for almost two decades. These projects perfectly blend character, style, functionality, comfort, and a sense of balance in high-tech solutions.

Best Interior Designers From Bulgaria | Idea International

For them, it is crucial to create a design that endures gracefully over time and maintains its usefulness and brilliance over time. They accept it as a financial investment in living well. Their work is always prioritized by the needs and uniqueness of the client; they never follow trends heedlessly or are led by our creative ego. They masterfully handle the trade secrets and the philosophy of luxury, which is inconspicuous, discrete, and naturally woven into the fabric of space.

”Time and experience have taught me and my team to listen twice as much as we talk. We express ourselves above all with the design we create. We listen carefully to the wishes and specifics in order to complete the task in the best possible way and to create a luxurious and functional space that our customers dream of and that expresses their individuality. Our mission is to create interiors for a happy life or a successful and efficient business. “ – Alex Kovatchev

Idea International Projects

Any sort of apartment, home, villa, vacation home, residence, or other building can be transformed into the fashionable, comfortable, and useful stronghold of your dreams. If you have a concept but lack the time or resources to put it into action, their staff will do all the necessary tasks on your behalf, including sketching the project, painting it, outfitting it, washing the glasses, and laying the bedsheets.

Glorious Residence

This mansion, which has a stunning panoramic view and is situated in one of Sofia’s wealthiest neighborhoods, embodies the owner’s vision for expansive windows and a custom-made luxury lifestyle. The design concept features a wide-open, roomy layout and a vibrant array of colors, volumes, and textures. The goal was to design a room with a distinct personality, a work of art that could be admired and viewed; one that could beguile, surprise, and entertain guests while also being practical and comfortable.

Fascinating Family Home

Large windows that open the apartment to the park’s lush vegetation welcome us as we step inside with sunlight. We find a superb example of warm traditional luxury and classic style in the living area. The inviting sofa in the living room, which appears to be made of river stones that have been smoothed over time by water, the lighting fixtures from the Italian company Catellani & Smith, and the Giorgietti armchairs are all reminiscent of the sophistication and style of the past.

The table covered in leather and the other table made of dark glass that resembles stone add that delicate touch of warm classic elegance that is consistently present in the interior design work of the IDEA studio and Alex Kovachev. A contemporary black frame highlights the fire’s blaze, bringing the enduring family symbol into the present. The light plays a key part in bringing peace by dividing the various spaces and highlighting the oval ceilings’ gentle lines.

Art de Vivre Residence

The unique interaction of the international design with the local environment—which centers the interior design on the region’s history, with water as its central theme—is particularly noteworthy. The stunning interior design guides the gaze through amazing spatial arrangements that provide the ideal backdrop for the furniture, lighting, and art in the space. a project that reinterprets the typical country-house norms.




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