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Best Interior Designers | Ann Getty

Best Interior Designers | Ann Getty – Best Interior Designers  would like to tell you more about one of the best US interior designers Ann Getty. She was a president of Ann Getty and Associates, a San Francisco-based residential interior design firm providing luxury design services. Ann leaded a talented team of designers and artisans serving those interested in the finest materials, the preservation of antiques and respect for architectural integrity.

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Ann Getty was a designer fluent in various styles and periods, known for sourcing her vast array of objects and opulent materials from across the globe. From the exceptional residence she and her music-composer husband, Gordon Getty, used for entertaining and displaying their world-class collection of art and antiques, to the comfortable yet elegant town house she designed for a stylish young family.

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Additionally, her strong interest in anthropology and archeology has led her to engage in the development and recognition of craftsmen as well as the preservation of their skills.

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Ann Getty traveled the world in order to work with the manufacturers, designers, craftsmen and dealers involved in commissioned works for her clients. In addition to overseeing her world-renowned art collection, she was active in numerous philanthropic endeavors. Ann Getty opened her home to countless charitable events each year. She was also an active member of the Art Advisory Board at Sotheby’s.

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In 2003, Ann Getty and Associates announced the launch of the Ann Getty House Collection, a line of custom furniture featuring original designs and authentic reproductions. The furniture line is inspired by the world renowned Ann and Gordon Getty Collection and Ann Getty’s extensive travel and design studies.

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