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Since the opening of Meyers Place in the nineties, Six Degrees has forged a reputation for designing highly crafted hospitality interiors that have helped shape the contemporary identity of Melbourne’s social spaces.

The founding principle of Six Degrees is to address human needs through the built form. Alive to the social and cultural aspects of place, they design functional, aesthetic and sustainable environments that are commercially smart. This approach has made Six Degrees a specialist in creating high-use places that vary in both application and scale, and that are consummate performers.

Their broad range of design experience has allowed their ideas to cross-pollinate; hospitality projects, for example, resonate through learning.

6 degrees architecture-cafe streat

Café  STREAT, activates an under utilised space at Melbourne Central.

Seating is custom designed and also uses simple Truform structures with soft leather seat tops for comfort. The elements are resolved in section to add mass and texture to the forms. The overall visual effect is one of relaxed earthy textures, with a delicate Art Deco elegance.


 The Newmarket Hotel project saw the reinvention of a sleazy pub into a vibrant yet relaxed hotel.


Formal elements connect these spaces such as flip up windows opening up the bar to the beer garden and bold, concrete archways that form enclaves while framing views through the site.

6-degrees-architecture-WALL2-APPARTMENT 6-degrees-architecture-WALL2-APPARTMENT-1

Wall 2, Apartment

Images and resources: Six Degrees Architects

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