Best Interior Design * Kokache
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Best Interior Design * Kocache

Kocache is one of the premier firms in the construction industry – interior finishes, through the competence, dedication and diversity of its people. Kocache emplyees possess high professional standards and strong values. These attributes enable the company to establish dear competitive advantages in the marketplace. Kokache has leading client base, a strong organization and reputation built since more than 30 years.Best Interior Design * Kokache

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Kocache is one of the largest interior Finishes General Contract in the international market. It has molded its organization based on the conviction that, by grouping all finishing works under one general contractor liability, this will lead to an optimized product as far as quality and timeBest Interior Design * Kokache

The concept of grouping all activities under the scope of one general contractor for Finishing Works, in lieu of subcontracting them separately, provides the client several advantages. Best Interior Design * Kokache

The following will highlight some of these benefits, like coordination between all finishing trades is under one responsibility, management of the work is undertaken under one responsibilty resulting is less leakage of control, the affiliate companies to kokache international, located in diferente areas in europe, the gulf area and the middle east, provide to the project a full support as far as Technicality, Sourcing, Management, Procurement and Quality Control.Best Interior Design * Kokache

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Kocache has carried high grades finishes projects as 5 star hotels, conference palaces, private palaces, comercial buildings, offices, etc. It has executed turn key projects including electromechanical works, interior and architectural design works. It has provided consultancy, coordination, construction management nd procurement packages for large projects.Best Interior Design * Kokache