Best Interior Design * Al-Latifia
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Best Interior Design * Al Latifia



Al-Latifia Trading and Contracting is a class-I buildings contractor headquartered in Riyadh and operates throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Founded in 1987, Al-Latifia began operating in the Kingdom over 20 years ago. Over that span, the Company has grown from a medium sized contractor to a large scale construction company. This growth is mainly attributable to its broad project experience and skilled technical resources.Best Interior Design * Al-LatifiaToday, Al-Latifia is one of the leading building construction companies in the Kingdom. Al-Latifia provides engineering, procurement, and building construction services to clients in a variety of industry sectors.

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Al-Latifia’s vision is to maintain and strengthen its construction business, to uphold its stringent engineering standards, and to aplly respond to the changing complexity of projects and the needs of clients. Al-Latifia’s strategy for sustained quality and growth depends on the development of world-class engineering expertise and project management capabilities.Best Interior Design * Al-LatifiaSuccessful construction depends on a broad variety of elements. LATIFIA recognizes that a successful construction company must adopt the best tools and practices to optimize the planning and control of available resources and better cope with the changing realities imposed by new challenges. The construction industry is ever changing, whether it is the increasing complexity of projects, changing economic or environmental conditions, or new technological advancements, LATIFIA’s management team continues to adapt to this dynamic landscape and overcomes its challenges.Best Interior Design * Al-LatifiaOver the years LATIFIA has developed extensive experience in the various functional areas of construction that allow it to create value for clients either through more efficient design or through cost savings in procurement and construction. LATIFIA encourages the use of value engineering practices and techniques to better serve the client’s needs and project objectives.



Best Interior Design * Al-Latifia

LATIFIA’s field engineers and their staff are the keys to successful construction. Procedures, guidelines, rules, handbooks, and other aids provide the foundation for successful project management, while the ingenuity of LATIFIA’s highly qualified construction professionals ensures the anticipation and avoidance of problems and swift reaction to minimize the effects of unexpected developments. LATIFIA maintains strict technical and managerial standards for its engineers and their staff in order to achieve the highest attainable level of construction excellence.

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Al-Latifia adheres to strict quality management standards in order to achieve Clients’ total satisfaction and, at the same time, complies with relevant regulations, while ensuring that quality encompasses all aspects of work in offices, sites, workshops and facilities.Best Interior Design * Al-LatifiaStringent standards of quality are continuously pursued by Al-Latifia, making sure that all staff members and subcontractors maintain the same, in order to ensure that mutual objectives are fully met or exceeded, and continuously improved. Where appropriate, specific quality objectives have been established, and performance against these objectives will be constantly monitored.