BBH Design Studio Profile
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BBH Design Studio Profile

“Our multicultural backgrounds, European and South American, as well as North American, serve us well as designers, naturally enhancing our knowledge, talent and creative intuition,”BBH Design Studio Profile

The globally influenced team—comprising Sete Bassan, Hani Flicki and Debbie Flicki, all trained architects—graces their profession with refreshing and exciting perspectives refined by the fusion of both developed and natural environments from vastly different cities, cultures and countries.BBH Design Studio Profile

“We love traveling and discovering the history of pieces we find and places we visit. We’re always in search of new ways to work with space, light and materials; to incorporate them and create a new, unique, functional space,”

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The award-winning architectural and design firm originated from the merger of two distinct companies, DFB Designs of Miami and BBH Arquitectos de Venezuela. This union has enabled them to offer their rich and individual experiences to all spheres of architecture, construction and interior design, as well as furniture design and manufacturing. Clean and calming with flawless natural lighting.BBH Design Studio Profile

BBH Design Studio’s work is a study in contrasts, where sparsely decorated rooms are warm and inviting; palatial glass-walled spaces are light, airy and bring the outside in; and dramatic modern forms are composed of and interspersed with natural materials. The resulting ambience pays homage to the individuality of the homeowner, the sanctity of nature and the ingenuity and elegance of modern design.BBH Design Studio Profile

BBH Design Studio stems from the merging of two offices with vast experience in architecture, interior design and construction. BBH Arquitectos and DFB Designs LLC.

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BBH Arquitectos is born in 2002 from the fusion of two architectural offices: Caleidos and SF Proyectos y Construcciones in Caracas, Venezuela, represented by Sete Bentata de Bassan and Hani Hausmann de Flicki. Both firms with extensive recognized and awarded trajectories spanning in the Architecture, Interior design to Urban design fields. BBH Design Studio Profile