Here Is Why You Must Attend Tom Dixon's "24 Hours In Paris" Event!
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Here Is Why You Must Attend Tom Dixon’s “24 Hours In Paris” Event!

Tom Dixon is stepping out of his comfort zone by providing a brand new initiative to the design lovers that are attending the famous Parisian trade show. Rather than presenting his new collections in a unique stand at Maison et Objet 2020, the renowned British designer is going to present them in the beautiful city of Paris through an initiative called “ 24 hours in Paris“.  This incredible event is going to take place on the 2oth of January in different locations throughout the city.  Discover more about this incredible initiative here!

Being one of the best interior designers in the world, Tom Dixon‘s stand is (usually) one of the most expected locating inside the incredible Maison et Objet! This year, the British designer decided to take a different approach and surprise the design lovers that are going to the event with a unique launching of his brand new collection! This new initiative will give the opportunity to “roll out” a series of mini-events, such as breakfast at Le Drugstore, SS20 Presentation at Publicis Cinema, Lunch at Assaf’s Granit new restaurant Shabour and drinks on the rooftop of the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards, in only 24 hours. Considering Paris as the first trial of this ultimate design experience, the Tom Dixon brand wants to roll out ’24 hours’ initiatives, not just in Milan and Shanghai but also London, Copenhagen, Bangkok, Nanjing and Melbourne over the next few months.


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“We have enjoyed having a stand at Maison & Objet for many years, but it’s now time to be more mobile, to be more flexible and reach new and existing audiences in a different way. ‘24 Hours in Paris’ will allow us to maximize our time, pack as much fun and business into as short a time as possible and to react to the opportunities that this amazing capital has to offer”, explained Tom Dixon. “24 Hours in Paris” is going to be the perfect opportunity to present, for the first time, the new collections PRESS and SWIRL since they are going to be showcased in the multiple key locations with exclusive flower arrangements by the renowned Paris-based florist Debeaulieu.



Here Is Why You Must Attend Tom Dixon's "24 Hours In Paris" Event!

Here Is Why You Must Attend Tom Dixon's "24 Hours In Paris" Event!


Tom Dixon wanted to catch and refract light and to last forever by creating the thickest industrially pressed glass artifacts. This series of heavyweight grooved vases, bowls, and candle holders are made of fat, chunky coils of pure and clear transparent glass. Bold in silhouette and simple in the function they are manufactured by dropping big globs of molten glass at 1,200 degrees centigrade and pressed in two- or three-part iron molds to create immediately familiar silhouettes.



Here Is Why You Must Attend Tom Dixon's "24 Hours In Paris" Event!

Here Is Why You Must Attend Tom Dixon's "24 Hours In Paris" Event!

A psychedelic update of an Italian post-modernist aesthetic, the pop sensibility of this eccentric collection by Tom Dixon is created from a series of geometric forms stacked upon one another to create multi-dimensional, functional sculptures. Stem, Small and Medium vases are inspired by Ikebana, which is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Anchored with a heavy base, the cylindrical vessels allow branches and flowers to cantilever out.

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