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Atrey & Associates | When Architecture Is Made Of Sublime Details

The very famous dictum from Mies Van Der Rohe – “God is in the details” – translates the philosophy of Atrey & Associates, an energetic architecture and interior design two-decade-old firm based in New Delhi. Headed by Ar. J.M.L. Sharma & Director Ar. Arun Sharma creates a versatile body of work ranging from the architecture and interior of the residence and corporate office to retail and hospitality spaces.

For Atrey & Associates, service means precisely defined objectives, clear lines of communication, close cost control, careful preparation, checking of plans and specifications, effective construction, inspection, and follow-up altogether. Architect Arun Sharma indulges himself in the approach and process of adding reality to his imagination by familiarising himself and his cohort with the minutiae and fine points of each construction.

“There’s Boca do Lobo, after I visited Milan Fair, Il Salone, and I find a few pieces which are actually furniture pieces but look like sculpture. So I really like that and that’s why I am here.” – Ar. Arun Sharma

The Projects

Somany’s Residence

Avtar Villa

Inspired by the harmony of music, Avtar Villa is a gem by Atrey & Associates. Uncluttered and monochromatic, a house that draws inspiration through a spirit of fun and playfulness, a fluidic form creating a sensation due to the interplay of spaces and volumes, it invokes a constant human reaction to spatial relationships that distinguishes harmony from cacophony, that makes one bored with a perfectly cubic structure. Avtar Villa, with curvilinear character, speaks of art, not only in the physical shape, size and mass of a work but also all the elements that contribute to the works of aesthetics of structure and composition. The clients lead extremely active lives and wanted their home to be restful, not stimulating to the eyes. In order to cater to the desires of the clients a modern minimalistic approach to design was followed with clear curves.

Deep Villa

Standing in the dense urban suburb of Delhi, Deep Villa is an architectural landmark on its own. Deep Villa speaks of modernity and globalization, demonstrating the absorption of modern influences from the West, the more recent processes of globalization but also their sensitivity to the physical environment, the social context and the aspirations of the urban classes. The form consists of a series of stacked planes molded with round edges and sharp angles not only creating a dramatic experience but also serving functionally by forming enclosures used as balconies and terraces.



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