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Atelier Crivelli | Designs With Souls And Dreams

Atelier Crivelli | Designs With Souls And Dreams – Franziska Crivelli, the architect’s daughter, was introduced to the field of interior design at a young age. When she was younger, her father took her to construction sites, where she developed a curiosity for the process and the scent of moist concrete. She is currently employed by Atelier Crivelli, where she has over 20 years of experience in architecture, interior design, lighting, and furniture planning for both domestic and foreign clients.

Atelier Crivelli’s Masterworks

Residence In Küsnacht

This property had undergone a total renovation, but the interior still needed some finishing touches. To harmonize the character of the existing house with the contemporary concrete addition, the classic and the modern were merged.

IBV Goldstore, Marktgasse

IBV Gold Switzerland is one of the world’s leading gold and precious metal dealers, with branches in London, Dubai, and South Africa. They can now be found in the new Marktgasse 13, 8001 Zurich location.

House In Bertschikon

The combination of wood, concrete, and large windows adds warmth and dynamism to this living and dining area, enticing you to stay.

Are You Loving Atelier Crivelli’s Works So Far?

Concept Store, Zumikon

A concept store has been created out of a blank, white space measuring 150 square meters. Atelier Crivelli has broadened their company to encompass furnishing as well as interior design. Perfectly coordinated and themed furnishings, lighting, fabrics, and home decor of the highest caliber. Visit there; it’s fantastic! Be inspired, and be willing to consider novel options.

Restaurant Schäfli

Here, Atelier Crivelli wanted to preserve the ambiance of the eatery. The new, lighter stone veneer was installed to replace the dark wood. It gives off a friendlier, more contemporary, and in-tune vibe. Regular customers should still feel comfortable after the conversion, and the restaurant shouldn’t look utterly weird, which was effectively achieved.

Hotel In Zermatt

Even when wearing their ski boots, customers who stop by the bar for a drink after skiing have different needs for the space and resources. Above all, the furnishings must be made of sturdy materials and the environment must be welcoming and cozy. In spite of the limited building budget, an effort was made to make the best of the circumstances. As a consequence, we merged an industrial style with the preexisting materials in this proposal by using several existing pieces. The dynamic of these spaces is altered by keeping the stone floors in place and giving the wood paneling and beams a fresh coat of glaze. The lounge’s lights were created to be worn in a range of settings.

Simplon Bar

District 1 in Zurich, the city’s center, has combined the Restaurant Kränzlin and the Simplon Bar. By merging a restaurant with a bar, a comfortable atmosphere was intended to be created. The seating groups’ quilted rear walls act as an acoustic absorber. A classic yet contemporary style that beckons you to stay.
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