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The Amazing Hotel Salò du Parc Restyling Project by Studio Simonetti


Situated in Italy, Hotel Salò du Parc could not have a better place to be. Besides being surrounded by a centuries-old park, the hotel has a stunning view over Lake Garda, from all rooms and common areas. In order to make the most of the view surrounding the hotel, a renovation has been made at its entrance by the amazing Studio Simonetti and its renovation project that now we want to showcase!



This famous interior designer chose BRABBU and other Top Brands to brighten the entrance décor. The main purpose of this restyling project was to create a new hall where the element water, principal element in the hotel, became the focus of the area. Therefore, the designers opened and transformed the space – now, from the entrance and from all that area, the view of the lake can be enjoyed.





The reception desk is made with different materials, such as white corian and wood with raw bark effect, which delineate the functions of this space. Two artworks, a marble sculpture by Sophie Elizabeth Thompson and a painting by Giovanni Lombardini, complete this reception area. For the floorings, a marble with a strong decorative impact and with earthy colours was selected to create a magical balance between signs and colours. To give even more focus to this area, a charcoal bush-hammered stone was laid along the perimeter.



The Amazing Hotel Salò du Parc Restyling Project by Studio Simonetti



In order to highlight the hotel’s excellent location, the walls were lined with gilded ceramic plates with the same sheen of silk. The pieces of furniture chosen are covered in shades of flowers, yellow, green and blue;
leather armchairs with wraparound lines and walnut tables made by skilled craftsman make up this entry. As for accessories and lighting fixtures, designers opted for simplicity and minimalism, which makes the synthesis between nature and artifice, completing this new salon. CYRUS Wall Light by BRABBU was the perfect choice for this restyling project. Cyrus was the brave Persian king who conquered Babylonia. CYRUS Wall Light was inspired by the freedom and the vast culture of the Persian civilization. Made of gold-plated brass, this exquisite wall light casts a soft golden glow, giving a twist
to any modern interior design. The designers chose CYRUS for its simplicity as it complements the bold design of the hall.


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