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Alicia Pérez | Redefining Luxury In Qatar´s Interior Design Scene

Coming from Spain, Alicia Pérez has called Qatar home for 15 years, where she leads Luna Design, an interior design company that stands as a beacon of individualized creativity.



“I’m coming from Spain. Actually, my company is based in Qatar. I am 15 years in Qatar now, and I have an interior design company there,” Alicia Pérez shares, introducing her roots and current endeavors in the vibrant world of Qatari design. Luna Design’s hallmark lies in their dedication to customizing each project, ensuring a distinctive touch for every client. “We give the client something that has not been done in another project,” Pérez emphasizes, highlighting their commitment to originality. “When I’m starting a project, I sit with my client and I’m trying to understand what is in his mind,” Alicia Pérez explains. This initial connection forms the cornerstone of her process, ensuring that every project resonates deeply with the client’s desires and personality.





Amidst clients’ inquiries about trends, Alicia Pérez urges a focus on personal preferences. “Forget a little bit about the trends,” she advises. “The space that we are going to create is going to be for you.” Her visit to Covet Group exceeded expectations, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship behind the glamorous designs showcased in magazines. Alicia Pérez particularly admired the handcrafted brass work, seeing the immense value in understanding and communicating the intricate processes to her clients.



“Especially the hammer in the brass and I never imagined how it was,” Alicia Pérez reflects on the eye-opening experience of witnessing skilled artisans tirelessly crafting each piece. When asked about her favorite designs within Covet Group, Alicia Pérez acknowledges Boca do Lobo‘s bold and captivating designs. “I think many of the designs already, they are very attractive from the beginning,” she notes, appreciating the distinctiveness of their creations.



For Alicia Pérez, travel serves as a wellspring of inspiration. “If I travel, I get a lot of inspiration from the places that I go,” she shares, attributing her diverse design influences to her love for exploring new cultures and landscapes. Currently working on a hotel design, Pérez notices a striking resemblance between her project’s aesthetics and the latest offerings from Covet Group. This alignment signifies the synergy between inspiration drawn from diverse sources and the essence captured in design. As Alicia Pérez continues to redefine luxury and individuality in Qatar’s design realm, Luna Design stands as a testament to personalized, meaningful spaces that echo the clients’ desires and personalities.




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