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A Tour Inside Svetlana Pozdnyakova’ Premium Business Center

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Best Interior Designers and CovetED Magazine took the opportunity to interview the incredible Russian Designer Svetlana Pozdnyakova about one of her biggest projects to date: A Premium Business Center located in Russia. With an incredible sense of style and creativity,  Pozdnyakova took us on a tour of this amazing project.


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In her own words, Svetlana Pozdnyakova explains her Design process and Creative process. It all concluded with a Final Design that’s just as stunning and exquisite as Pozdnyakova’s style. A great example of Modern Russian Design and Creativity!


Credits Svetlana Pozdnyakova


What was the basis of this Project and what Idea was behind it?

“The aim of the customer for this project was the construction of a high-class office building. The project must exude respectability and compare favorably with the urban development context surrounding it. The only guide to how the client imagines this building is a photograph of an old office facility located in Chicago. Initially, I began to work with it, found out the epoch of this building and the features of the architectural style of that period. This building was built in the 1860s.”


Credits Svetlana Pozdnyakova


What was your process to give life to that original concept?

“I recreated the image of the architecture of that era, but without fanaticism. Rather, due to the style of the Chicago skyscrapers of the 1860s, I wanted to give the building a brutal masculine look. At the same time, this is a modern object, in which modern engineering systems are laid, and along with traditional and even man-made materials (for example, stained glass), modern ones are used. On the first presentation floor, real stained glass windows made using Tiffany technique were used, and cheap film films were used on the upper floors.”



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A Tour Inside Svetlana Pozdnyakova' Premium Business Center

Credits Svetlana Pozdnyakova


Credits Svetlana Pozdnyakova


What was the thought behind the stunning interior of the hall of the business center?

“I didn’t want to go into the style characteristic of the 1890s. On the contrary, I designed the interior of the hall taking into account the trend materials – marble, brass, glass with gold leaf. As an accent – stabilized moss. Chandelier and Sconces are made according to my author’s sketch.”


A Tour Inside Svetlana Pozdnyakova' Premium Business Center

Credits Svetlana Pozdnyakova



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