Salone Del Mobile 2019: The Best Of This Exciting Design Event
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6 Amazing Design Trends That We’ve Saw at Salone del Mobile

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Salone del Mobile 2019 has ended, but the Trends that were highlighted at this event will live on. So today, Best Interior Designers decided to talk about the 6 Amazing Design Trends that stood out at the event!


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Increasing awareness of environmental catastrophe and the urgency to prevent it is inspiring designers to rethink the lifecycle of products. The concept of Sustainability is currently undergoing a reflection in our society as more eco-conscious consumers are awakened to the necessity of creating ethical solutions for objects of daily use and cut excess. Brands are playing a decisive role in this change by using their resources and influence to find innovative ways to create products that are as desirable and functional as they are eco-friendly.
Rather than simply recycling materials, companies are looking at how they can be more ‘Circular’. Circular design deals with the reuse and repurposing of material to bring it new life and new meaning. A successful circular design cycle works to leave no waste throughout the process of creation and use.




5 Amazing Stands of Luxury Brands to Visit at Euroluce 2019

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While sustainability initiatives are increasingly popular and important for companies around the world, long-term commercial success relies on deriving economic as well as environmental value from new approaches. A creative and scientific approach in material science is underway as designers rethink materials, fusing them with dynamic new functionality and seeking to minimize environmental harm.



Salone del Mobile 2019 A First Look Of The First Day

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As people increasingly try to reduce their impact on the environment, off-grid living has become more popular than ever. This year’s Salone del Mobile exhibitions are a contemporary manifesto for the modern nomad because the spaces of the modern nomad are dictated by movement. This is what explains the objects presented distinguished most of all for their modular, transformable, and transportable nature.



Fuorisalone 2019: The Most Important EventsFuorisalone 2019: The Most Important Events

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Brands are aware that consumers are increasingly valuing experiences rather than objects and changing their spending habits accordingly. To gain customers attention back into stores, they’re adapting to offer 360-degree shoppable brand experiences. Believing a relaxed customer is more likely to make a purchase, retailers are on a continual quest to make customers feel at home in their stores. Brands want customers to discover a different way of shopping, aiming to create an environment which is as close as possible to their homes.



Salone Del Mobile 2019: The Best Of This Exciting Design Event

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The trend for furniture that can improve your health, whether at home or at the office, looks likely to continue in Milan this year. The latest interior design philosophy is not about how a furniture piece makes your apartment look, but how it makes you feel. Interiors innovators are designing furniture, interiors, and branded real estate focused on wellness with features and technologies that will enhance both the physical and emotional wellbeing of the homeowner.



Salone Del Mobile 2019: The Best Of This Exciting Design Event

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Plants are certainly not a new interior design trend, but they are becoming more of a feature than ever before, as people realize the health benefits they offer. The World Health Organization expects stress-related illness to be the two largest contributors to disease by 2020. With a diminished connection to nature, the increasing pressure on urban space & the technological presence we have less opportunity to recuperate our mental and physical energy.
Biophilic design is a way of innovatively designing and incorporating the natural world into the places we live, work and learn. Businesses at the vanguard of workplace design such as Apple, Google and Amazon are investing heavily in Biophilic Design elements. These principles are shown to improve worker concentration, engagement and cognitive ability.


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