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Best Interior Designers | Joan Lao

Born on 3 July 1962 in Barcelona, Joan Lao has been an international design icon for many years. His works are admired in Spain, North America, Latin America and the Middle East. He opened his first studio in 1985.

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His interior design projects have primarily been applied to houses and private apartments, hotels and commercial premises and have received many prizes. Some of his clients include politicians, businessmen, artists and people from many diverse industries in Spain as well as in the United States of America, Mexico and Dubai. We can admire many projects with Ferran Adrià (El Bulli); and fashion designers such as Carolina Herrera and Victorio and Lucchino, for whom he has created projects e.g. point of sale image at an international level.

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After almost 30 years of work he reached an extraordinary number of almost 3 000 interior design projects and over 12 0000 products (furniture, lamps, tapestries and objects, as well as the design of corporate identity for companies and products) that bear the mark of Joan Lao.

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Joan Lao’s interiors are designed to create an immediate and lasting emotional response. I every project and every space he produces an atmosphere of balance, harmony and peace.

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Believing that nature is the source of life for every being, Joan Lao takes an exceptional of environment that is visible in the choice of timbers for the furniture, in the durability of the pieces or the precision during the making of the piece.

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Pieces designed by Joan Lao have appeared in many international competitions such as the fairs of Milan and Cologne. They have also been exhibited in many countries including Germany, Belgium, New York, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, Las Vegas, Stockholm (Sweden), Greece, Holland, Israel and Singapore, as well as Spain. Some of his creations are also in the possession of museums.


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Best Interor Designers | Joan Lao