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10 Questions: Exclusive Interview with Fox Browne Creative

*Written by: Rute Estrela

Behind amazing hospitality projects such as the White Pearl Resorts in Ponta Mamoli, Mozambique and the Hotel Laamu in Johannesburg, Fox Browne Creative is in the spotlight of the interior design, with an incredible passion for hospitality and a positive vision of interior design, which they believe that can impact the development of the world. With this in mind, Best Interior Designers is going to present an exclusive interview with Fox Browne Creative.

10 Questions Exclusive Interview with Fox Browne Creative - 2

1. How did Fox Browne Creative start in the hospitality design industry?

Fox Browne Creative was started by Chris Browne and Debra Fox  in 2009. We both worked in the hospitality industry long before we started our company. Debra is an Hotelier by trade and Chris is an Interior designer. After 17 years of  developing and managing various projects for one of the world’s Leading Luxury Adventure Travel Company’s (and Beyond Travel), we started our own business specialising in the creating of beautiful spaces in beautiful places with extraordinary service, combining our skills to deliver holistic experiences for guests.

2. How would you describe your style? Do you have a signature touch?

We don’t have a definitive style, every project has it’s own unique essence and we tap into that to give the design relevance ( depending on the place and the guest needs). Our personal style tends towards eclectic and nostalgic and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, so there is often an unexpected touch of humour expressed in our design. Our work is unusual, in that we have the ability to bridge the gap between the design and the operations of a hospitality product.

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3. Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about? Any new projects?

Our projects are usually all small intimate hotels or large personal residences in remote locations. At the moment, we are working on a number of interesting projects… a tented camp in Zimbabwe, A private residence in Namibia  and  a new high-end Safari Lodge in Gujarat, India. This project promises to be ground breaking in the way that the luxury safari is delivered in this part of the world. Our skills are consistently being tested in the various types of hospitality experiences and we are well practised at delivering experiences from $200 a night to $2000 a night.

4.What do you love the most about being a designer?

Developing products by taking an unlikely material or object and developing it into something useful and beautiful. We also love the impact that our work in the hospitality arena has on the developing world.

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5.Where do you take your inspiration from?

Local culture and custom, of which there is never a shortage in the areas we operate.

6.Which major events do you attend to get all the latest novelties?

We travel to the Delhi Gift fair, Ambiente in Frankfurt, Maison et Objet in Paris and the Milan furniture fair, But we are also always on the look out in vintage stores, markets and local villages for unusual pieces.

10 Questions Exclusive Interview with Fox Browne Creative - 5

7. Which design brands do you love the most?

 We prefer the smaller artisanal brands that are relevant geographically. We always seek out local designers and are strong supporters of South African design… (some of our favourites are David Krynauw, Doktor and Misses, Evolution Product & Design Afrika – to name a few)

8. Which colours, textures and techniques do you prefer in furniture design?

We always go for texture over colour,  so often the places we work in are so often extraordinarily beautiful so we try not to compete with the environment. Our palettes are often earthy, neutral and calming.

10 Questions Exclusive Interview with Fox Browne Creative - 6


9. What is your philosophy on design and life?

Design is life and life is design and it should always be accompanied by good food and wine!

10. Describe your design style in three words.

Soulful, nostalgic and eclectic.

Fox Browne Creative is Hospitality Designer of the Year-2

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