10 Amazing Designers From Taipei
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The 13 Best Interior Designers From Taipei



Taipei is home to various world-famous architectural or cultural landmarks, besides it is known for some of the best food in the world. Here are the top interior designers in Taipei you should know about.



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9 STUDIO DESIGN GROUP is a professional team that emphasizes on integrated design. They are a design company with diverse profile that spans from architecture design, interior design to environmental landscape design. Established in 2005, ) Studio’s primary services focus on construction and interior design of congregate housing, single houses, commercial spaces and offices.



10 Amazing Designers From Taipei

Since in 2001, the Akuma Group has won various awards in 10 years, including offices, storefronts, various commercial spaces, and furniture and supplies design, in addition to gaining space design and construction experience of all types, large and small. They are top interior designers and been reported many times by professional media magazines.

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4 Amazing Projects by AB Concept!

AB Concept, a strong design company based in Hong Kong, has become a well-respected name in hospitality, wellness, F&B, commercial and residential projects. Founded in 1999 by Ed Ng and Terence Ngan, a designer and architect duo, the design studio made a remarkable impact in the world of the luxury design industry. With an ever-expanding portfolio, they have become one of the foremost luxury design firms and will continue to inspire and surprise.





10 Amazing Designers From Taipei

Chen Lianwu is a designer, born in an artistic family, and his father is Mr Chen Daoming, one of the founders of the Oriental Painting Association. He graduated from the Department of Architecture at Tamkang University in Taipei and was recommended to the institute in the first place. He later went to New York, USA, for a year of study experience and cultivated his unique design style. The award-winning experience includes Taiwanese interior designers with four major global design awards (German IF Design Award, German Red Dot Design Award, Japanese G-mark Good Design Award and American IDEA Outstanding Industrial Design Award) and for sure we guarantee the statement of one of the top interior designers in Taipei.


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10 Amazing Designers From Taipei

Design is a purposeful creative act, which should be multi-faceted and unconstrained. From the perspective of residential planning, the “design” that the Exclaim design team believes is not about how much space is designed, but how much is about designing for the owner. All creative ideas are based on people, space and environment, and life so that the hearts are closer to each other, and the enjoyment of space without distance brings the joy and happiness of life. With that moto, they integrate the top interior designers for their unique capacity to understand it.

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The Hozo design team was established in 2005. The core concepts are a friendly construction method and a good aesthetic attitude. Adhere to a simple and pure design, create details, and pay attention to white space. Convinced: The accumulation of time and the mark of life are the most beautiful space.



10 Amazing Designers From Taipei

Inkstone interior design studio is a small practice based in Taipei, although they can be considerate one of the top interior designers because they have over 30 years of work experience in Taiwan. They are specializing in small to mid-scale interior design projects, covering residential as well as hospitality and commercial design.


10 Amazing Designers From Taipei

One of the top interior designers of Taipei is focused on creating spaces which strike a perfect balance between function and aesthetics with an emphasis on the importance of composition and proportion, from lines to colours. They provide a variety of timeless, artistic, and modern designs to their clients.


10 Amazing Designers From Taipei

Seed Design is a firm that believes in creating high-quality design through understanding client’s requirements, business, cultural diversity and specificity of location. Ultimately, they believe the success of a design solution is measured by the degree to which it improves our client’s living or business performance and that’s why they guarantee they are one of the top interior designers in Taipei.


Steven Leach Manila

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Steven Leach Manila is the preeminent interior design consultancy in Manila, Asia. This design firm also has offices in many more countries across Southeast Asia.


10 Amazing Designers From Taipei

Studio Oj is a full-service design firm specialized in residential, hospitality and commercial spaces. Founded in 2011, Studio Oj is partnered by Omen Lin and Jessica Chen and they are considerate the top interior designers. With almost 10 years of experience in interior, they offered to bring exclusive and inspiring design solutions to a variety of speciality projects.


10 Amazing Designers From Taipei

The original expected name of Taipei Base Design Center was Taiwan Base Design Center. With an Asian exquisite way and unique appreciation of beauty, what they really hope is to strive toward a more advanced from a basic life surrounding. And this is just the passion that they have for design, the way they are and makes them one of the top interior designers.


10 Amazing Designers From Taipei

We think that good space design is the designer, the owner and the space itself. They are one of the top interior designers because they observe through design in this relationship, exploring the owner’s taste, lifestyle, and the preference of the texture of the colour material, and other spatial factors that can be formed transform into the space atmosphere of the exclusive owner.


10 Amazing Designers From Taipei

Strontium Design International was founded in Taipei by Interior Designer Szu Liu and Ray Lin in 2016. Their goal is to create a unique interior space that reflects the client individual styles. So that’s why they are top interior designers, their job is to add, edit and redefine while ensuring that the design preferences are always at the core of work.

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