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Miriam Fanning is a well-known name in field of design in Australia. She’s working on the ndustry for more than 20 years and she’s a living example. Passionate, curious, loyal, resourceful and creative are 5 words that the interior designer uses to describe herself.


She started her career in Buchan Group in Melbourne, a stimulating and diversified practice with focus on retailing; starting in a junior position, but quickly assuming the charge of associate director. During her walk in the company, she had developed several types of projects.

By the year 2000, she decided that it was time to start a family and that had led her to create Mim Design. This project started just with Miriam and today it have more than 19 talented staff, with more two directors and two associates. To Miriam, Mim Design is the realization of a dream.


Miriam life goal is to be continually inspired and to work on a diverse range of projects.  She says that her inspiration is everywhere – from the texture, to spaces and colors of everyday life; to the designer visualization is the main key for her to be inspired, whether it is in movies, travelling or someone philosophy.

Her iconic idols? Artist Brett Whiteley, architect Richard Neutra and visual Artist Andy Warhol. Her next dream is to create a capsule collection of Mim Design custom-design products, collaborations and one day to create a book to show Mim Design journey.


Miriam Fanning is a well-known interior designer in the industry that had worked on several projects in corporate, residential, hospitality and retail field. Her most remarkable project is her own company: Mim Design.

Mim Design was created in 2000 and it is defined as a multi-disciplinary team, constituted by creative individuals that share the same values: design expertise and inspiration in an extensive assortment of knowledge like interior design, custom furniture, industrial design, styling, creative brand direction, environmental graphic application and architectural integration. Mim Design holds that all facets of design are vital to create a successful project, and due to that, they had collaborated with designers, architects and some graphic designers and created incredible results.

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The company has focus on residential, retail, hospitality and corporate projects and their name is synonym of customization – they try to suit each individual project. Based on Miriam vision, their collaborative approach is to create a design space that is sophisticated, as well as refined in detail, with focus on the personality of the customer. Each project is unique and they are always seeking for new and innovative ways to draw and solve design needs, besides Mim Design tries to take advantage of all the opportunities in each project.

Mim Design stands out for timeless nature, custom design and quality – which are the values of their leader. The team knowledge mixed with their individual interests, allows the team to be flexible, but also versatile, creating different ways to approach every project, trying always to exploit excitement, achievement and inspiration.



Miriam Fanning -founding director and principal of Mim Design – counts with more than 20 years of experience as an interior designer. She has able to built a strong reputation in the design field and has been involved in different types of projects, like residential, hospitality, retail and other types of projects.

She wants to be continually inspired by surrounding environment, always seeking by a strong sense of design and rational use of purpose to each project. Her passion is what allows the company to achieve a high quality level in every project.

secção 10.1 crispt street apartment


Emma Mahlook is a Mim Design Associated and is an interior designer specialized in residential, hospitality, retail, but also with a strong focus in client management. During her 8 years in the field she was able to accomplished a wide and diverse range of projects, being able to give to her clients design quality and management.

secção 10 hospitality jimbo & rex

Ben Robertson is an architect, that had work on several types of projects, mainly on multi residential projects and high end residential. With more than 10 years of experience on the industry – and a holistic and measured approach to design –  he had delivered projects with focus on design detail and in high quality.

T&PC Residence 1

Miriam Fanning, has worked on several types of projects, with focus on residential, corporate, retail and hospitality. The following names are some of her (but also, from her team) most well-known projects: T&PC Residence and ALH Residence – in Residential category -; Joe Black, Emporium and Habbot – in Retail category -; Mural Hall and Capital Kitchen – in Hospitality category -; Little Group Offic and Case Meallin Office – in Corporate category -; and Sunday Life and Dulux Colour Forecast 2013.


Miriam is a dynamic designer that has participate on several projects.

Lexus Pavilion to the Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of them. Miriam and her team tried to capture the thrill and exhilaration of an experience unsurpassed and embody it within Mim Design interior scheme. The approach sought to incorporate the angular form of the Lexus NX car with the colors of Spring Racing Flemington and flow of Champagne.

Lexus Design Pavillion 1 Lexus Design Pavillion 2

Little Group, is another of those projects, featured in IDEA Awards Life Spaces, who had won the corporate category in Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards 2014. This split-level workplace has been conceived with an eye for detail that is both sophisticated and stunning.

Other iconic projects of Miriam and her team ae PLE Residence and Joe Black, Emporium.


In 2014, Mim Design was shortlisted for 2014 Workplace Design at the Australian Interior Design Awards thanks to their Little Group office. This project reflects their understanding of the residential development market and they were able to create.

secção 10.2 alh residence

In 2015, they won Australia Interior Design Awards, by Pask Office VIC, in the category of corporate. The project design draws inspiration form modernist styles of the 60s and plays homage to an urban sophistication, clean geometry and moody hues. Mirian and her team, also achieved the Grand Prix Project Award in 2015 Dulux Colour Awards.

Miriam is also judge in several ceremonies like the Den Awards and AIDA.


Miriam Fanning and her team have been collaborated closely with Little Projects that is well-known by their superior lifestyle development in some of the most luxurious locations in Australia. They share the same philosophies, but also some work values like attention to detail: they want to create an interior with personality and with some reason.

Nowadays, this partnership is in their fourth multiresidential project.



Some inspirations quotes by Miriam:

“Inspiration is everywhere from texture, spaces and color for everyday living”

“I must admit a trip away clarifies design sense and detail for me”

“Being a business owner means living, breathing and driving your business. At the same time, as a mother, it is essential that quality and time and experiences are consistent. I can’t say there is always an even balance, but as a woman we are always striving for this balance”

“Our home is also a relaxing and comfortable sanctum – particularly on the weekend. It’s an enjoyable space to spend time and relax with our kids”

“As designers, we know how design can change lives by creating positive environments for people to live and work in”

“Attention to detail is really important because it’s not just about building; it’s about creating a project that has personality, reason and purpose”


Of all projects Miriam has developed if she had to choose just one, that project would be Hawthorn PLE Residence, due to the trust and respect of their clients throughout the process. Hawthorn PLE Residence was nominated to Interior Awards 2012, in the category of residential design.

Favorite ple residence 1

This Edwardian residence, in Hawthorn, in Australia, has suffer a complete interior renovation with the use of base colors and clean, warm and neutral materials, revived the existing interior.


Favorite ple residence 2


A-Street Apartments


A-Street Apartment

Graphite Apartment

Graphite Apartment

Joe Black, Emporium

Joe Black, Emporium

Myer Capital Kitchen

Myer Capital Kitchen



Rye Lofts

Rye Lofts

SKD Residence

SKD Residence