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Top Interior Designers | Kathryn M. Ireland

Born in England, Kathryn M. Ireland was raised between her parents’ homes in London and Scotland. She arrived in Los Angeles in 1986. Prior to launching her interior design business in the early 90’s, Kathryn was an actress, clothing designer, and filmmaker. Today she is commonly mentioned among the top interior designers in the world.

Her fabric line was launched in 1997 and is distributed in her showrooms in Los Angeles and London, as well as selected showrooms around the world. Today she is considered one of the most influential interior and textile designers in the world.

Kathryn has a signature style which exudes comfort and relaxation – yet it is never dull, with large pops of colour and a definite bohemian vibe. Completely life and family-friendly spaces that keep looking better the more they are used. This style is not just seen in her interiors, Kathryn has a stunning line of textiles which enable fans of her work to bring a little piece of her style into their own homes.

Her clientele of celebrities and tastemakers include Steve Martin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and David Mamet. Kathryn M. Ireland is the author of four books, including Timeless Interiors. Her signature fabrics are distributed across the United States and her work has been published internationally including features in People magazine, theWall Street Journal, and Architectural Digest among others. Additionally, Kathryn was named as one of the Top 100 Designers in the United States by House Beautiful magazine and most recently named as one of Elle Décor’s A List designers.

Kathryn M. Ireland

Interesting Facts about Kathryn M. Ireland


Inspired By… is Kathryn M. Ireland fifth book and for this one she did something unusual: she chose not to highlight homes she herself designed, but those of friends and colleagues.

“These really are houses that I love, that inspire me. I could happily live in each and every one of them.”

Living room by Kathryn M. Ireland
Barry Dixon’s home in Virginia is one of the book’s highlights and his dark, antiques-filled library is the epitome of charm.

Bedroom design by Kathryn M. Ireland
Michael Bruno’s bedroom also featured in the book.

Lady Annabel Goldsmith’s grand Queen Anne house in Richmond, Britain.

What does Kathryn M. Ireland say:

“I think my very first design is still a pattern that makes me happy to see, especially in someone else’s house. It’s called Quilt and it’s a colorways red. It’s already fifteen years old and it still makes me happy.”


“I’d like my legacy wasn’t just about my work but about who I was as a person – that people got to know me through my body of work. I’m not too serious, I’m playful and take certain risks. I don’t take myself too seriously.”

Kathryn M. Ireland with the team


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