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David Guerra has graduated in Architecture by the Federal University of Minas Gerais,
in 1991. One among the 5 architects from Minas Gerais selected to Vertentes exhibition (Architecture and Design) organized by the Museum of Brazilian Art and held at the Itamaraty Palace in 2008. Among other awards, first place in the set of Residential and Commercial Interior Architecture by IAB – Institute of Brazilian Architects in 2008. Also in 2008, he was a finalist in the Planeta Casa Prize. In 2009, he received first place in the D.I.A Decoration Prize by Amide and first place in Olga Krell Online Publisher Prize of Decoration, in the Houses category.  In 2010, he received Honorable Mention in the Residential Interior Architecture category by IAB – MG.

In 2011, he received first place in the Casa Cláudia Interior Design 2011 Prize, for Cottage Houses category, elected by the jury and the crowd. Besides that, he received Honorable Mention in the Residential Single Family Architecture category, by IAB – MG. In 2012 he was a finalist in the Casa Cláudia Interior Design, for Cottage Houses category and elected by the crowd, finalist in the Planeta Casa Prize, for Interior Design category, he received first place in the Olga Krell Online Publisher Prize of Decoration, in the Houses category, first place in XIV IAB-MG Prize, in the Residential Single Family Architecture category, first place and Honorable Mention in Interior Architecture category by IAB – MG and first place in the Amide de Decoração 2012 Prize, in the Houses category.
In 2013, he received second place in the Amide Decoration 2013 Prize, in the Houses category, and third place in the Olga Krell Online Publisher Prize of Decoration, in the Apartments category. In 2014, he received first place in the Amide Decoration Prize 2014, in the Apartments category and he was a participant of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014, exhibition “Time-Space-Existence”, organized by the GAA-Foundation. In 2015, he received Silver A’Design Award in the A’Design Awards & Competition 2014-2015, in the Interiors category.


He has worked with Freusa Zechmeister and was Fernando Graça’s partner in interior design projects. He founded his office in 2002 and, since then, develops works in the residential architecture, commercial, institutional, interiors and furniture design area.
David Believes that a good project can’t miss a great interactive relation with the customer, full of affection, humor and observation.He searches in this interaction the creative, the elegant, the essential, without following only trends. Likes the mix that provides a space full of soul, memories, concept and identity. A space that would be personal, unique and unforgettable.



Architect-Engineer graduated by UFMG School of Architecture on April 1992

Recent projects:


• Interiors GK House – Mata do Jambreiro – Nova Lima – MG
• HA House – Quintas do Sol Condominium – Nova Lima – MG
• JA House – Retiro da Serra – Itabira – MG
• Mucugê Hotel – Arraial D’Ajuda – BA
• AL House – Canto das Águas Condominium – Rio Acima – MG


• CL House – Aldeia Condominium – Brumadinho – MG
• Interiors RL Apartment – Gutierrez – Belo Horizonte – MG
• PS House – Vila do Sonho Condominium – Belo Horizonte – MG
• Interiors MH House – Villa Alpina Condominium – Nova Lima – MG
• Interiors MA House – Pasárgada Condominium – Nova Lima – MG
• La Galette Buffet – Cidade Jardim – Belo Horizonte – MG
• Maravilha Restaurant – Luxemburgo – Belo Horizonte – MG
• MV House – Vale dos Cristais Condominium – Nova Lima – MG
• LO House – Vale dos Cristais Condominium – Nova Lima – MG


• HA House – Vale dos Cristais Condominium – Nova Lima – MG
• RF House – Bandeirantes (Pampulha) – Belo Horizonte – MG
• LM House – Retiro da Serra – Itabira – MG
• MM House – Vereda das Gerais – Brumadinho – MG
• FN House – Jardins – Brumadinho – MG
• Interiors CE Apartment – Funcionários – Belo Horizonte – MG
• Interiors RJ Apartment – Funcionários – Belo Horizonte – MG
• Interiors VM House – São Bento – Belo Horizonte – MG
• Mart Café Store – Sion – Belo Horizonte -MG


Background & Realizations: The projects

Store HI-LO | David Guerra

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-22Multi architecture sensations

The concept of Hi-Lo store inspires David Guerra architect to make the most color-mix, details and materials that provide different sensations. The project is impressive from the entrance to the imposing facade in white Cobogó 40 x 40 m, which houses a red-pink metallic porch.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-23Themed environments

Who enters the store realizes that there was no thorough analysis of the environments to apply the right finish and the most consistent shades. Thus, each party had its own theme. Starting with the exhibition area, which becomes a romantic space transmitted by white makeup, silver and gold dry.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-25The tasters are another peculiarity of the project because simulate a real stage with curtains, panels, stage lighting and mirrors.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-24Comfort is on a satin sofa, period chandelier and bookshelf. All the tone is generated by red and pink hues.

Simplicity x requite

In the lining of screens for French papers; and service areas are lined with tissue. The walls have a special job in income Tetra Pack – by the artist Leo Piló.


Villa Giannina Restaurant | David Guerra

Carry out a reform can become more complicated than it seems. The case of Villa Chiari, in Belo Horizonte, portrays this very well. By switching to a residential building in the St. Augustine neighborhood, the restaurant went from fed 740 square meters for more than generous 1,100 square meters in size and still won illustrious neighbors as the gardens of Burle Marx.


Everything seemed perfect until the office David Guerra Architecture and Interior come across an extensive list of requirements imposed by the construction: not move on the facade, including frames; not change the building garden; respect the colors of the building on the balcony of the roof at the entrance and submit the acoustic and exhaust systems to the approval of a specialized team.


New setting

In the new scenario, the balcony was limited to 40 m² and 10 linear meters there was only one miter 6m wide. Aesthetically the site would have to follow the building’s color pattern: gray, silver and white. David explains that much negotiation was necessary to advance in this regard.


“We apply the bamboo under the cover, insert the cast iron clamp flooring used in railway tracks – tapped the old restaurant – implement an insulation plant pots, made of colored concrete, and replacing the aluminum entrance door for a mahogany wood from the field, important to mark the entry and bring more warmth to the place, “exposes.


Range plan

Another challenge was to enjoy basic elements such as tables, chairs, desks, railings, wood paneling, fixtures and even the balcony floor, creating a sophisticated atmosphere with reference to the village of elements, but without repeating the previous solutions. Thus, much of the plaster and granite floors remained.


“We have created an tables sector marked by wooden frame and straw and some outstanding fixtures – solution used to hide a tooth slab,” he says. The leaked straw liner is now lit by plafon yellowish fluorescent, prays for outstanding rice paper. The device gives rise to an atmosphere of illuminated squares.


Already wooden squared panels reflect nicely on the walls and help the acoustics, because they are coated. The reflection refers to the pattern of the typical chess towels of Italian villas. Chess is repeated in straw and recycled rusty metal railing panels, coming from the old restaurant.



The most iconic project

Sol House | David Guerra

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-3Disposed at the same level and surrounded by charming gardens, the residence designed by architect David Guerra attends a couple with children and grandchildren. “Marked by abundant openings of walls and ceiling, the rustic home is at the same time contemporary. The abundant use of wood from demolition and the family legacy mobile ensure that personality to the home. It is a safe and inspiring retreat, “said the architect.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-5A simple home program was installed on the level above the street, with all rooms on one floor. Only the studio and sauna are in the basement. The premise of the project, according War, was to secure the natural light in the environment. “The owners suffered from humidity and little sunshine in the former residence. With that in mind, we distribute spaces and positioned glass walls, including in top openings. This ensured cross ventilation and full integration with the outdoors, “he explains.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-14Inspiring environments and sustainable solutions

The main environment, formed by the integration of living room, dining room and home theater, was built with metal and high-ceilinged structure. The range sets it apart from other spaces. The kitchen can also be, or not connected to the dining room as the large port / wood sliding panel has a split function or unite these spaces.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-11Facing the garden in the outdoor area, a full gourmet kitchen – equipped with gas grill ‘char broil’ – was established to meet a great desire of the owners. An exclusive spa with openings offers relaxation, well-being and the beautiful view of the mountains. In addition, the home includes raising cash rainwater for reuse and pickups solar energy.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-14Materials and décor reflect history and identity

Ceramic tiles make up the cover. A timber liner “clear ipê” follows the unique water from the roof to the gardens, forming a balcony. “The floor of the terraced area was coated with hydraulic tile clear, soft geometrical designs,” says the architect. It also highlights the automotive paint coffee tone applied in major parts of the residence were kept apparent. “This house finishing well with the tone of the lining and the wood used in the large indoor floor”.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-11All facades received Italian texture, and the décor has personality with antiques – full of memories – the family has acquired over time. “The mix of the new with the furniture and curios printed residence this unique identity,” emphasizes War.


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