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Sheila Bridges named “America’s Best Interior Designer”

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Named “America’s Best Interior Designer” by CNN and Time Magazine, Sheila Bridges has been creating inspirational interiors since 1994. Her firm Sheila Bridges Design, Inc is committed to creating high-end, interior spaces that are thought-evoking and visually interesting while also comfortable and livable.

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Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bridges moved to New York City in 1986. She holds degrees from Brown University and Parsons School of Design, and studied decorative arts at Polimoda in Florence, Italy.

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Sheila Bridges’ work is unquestionably high-end but not ostentatious or fussy. And while her aesthetic could be described as “traditional” it is never staid, predictable, or conservative. Rather, Bridges artfully mixes old and new, elegance and comfort. And, as you see in these images, Bridges is not afraid of making bold statements with color, especially robust shades of blue and green. The rooms she decorates have a refined tone but are also very personal and original, full of artwork, unique accessories, and sumptuous textiles.

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Sheila Bridges knows how to give her clients just what they need: stylish, comfortable homes that speak to their lifestyle. She has designed residences and offices for many prominent entertainers, entrepreneurs and business professionals including the 8,300 square foot Harlem offices for former President Bill Clinton and his staff.

I would say that it is pretty classically driven but with many twists and turns that are a lot more modern. I’m a bit all over the map when it comes to my love of furniture — I am equally attracted to that cowhide Eames chair as I am to that neoclassical English sideboard.“- Washington Post.

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Rooms designed by Bridges have appeared in pretty much any design magazine you can think of. She graces “top designer” lists and “designer spotlight” features in mags like House Beautiful and Elle Decor. Bridges is also the author of Furnishing Forward: A Practical Guide to Furnishing for a Lifetime.

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