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Leading Interior Designers: Iosa Ghini Associates


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Iosa Ghini Associates has offices in Bologna and in Milan, where architects, engineers and designers of different nationalities work together.

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Founded in 1990 during the time it acquired a particular expertise in developing projects for large groups and developers that operate internationally.

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The professional development of the society grows in the design of commercial and museum architectural spaces, planning areas and structures dedicated to public transport and design of worldwide retail chain stores.

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Among the most recent major projects are the Ferrari Store in Europe, USA and Asia; multifunctional residential project in Budapest, several hotels in Europe (including Budapest, Nice and Bari) and the airport areas of the airline Alitalia.

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Furthermore, the metro station Kröpcke Hannover, Germany; the Collection shopping center in Miami, USA; the Galleria Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Modena the headquarters of Seat Pagine Gialle, Turin, and finally the Casa Museo Giorgio Morandi, the design of transport infrastructure People Mover in Bologna, and IBM Software Executive Briefing Center, Rome.

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