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British interior designer Kelly Hoppen has designed the Nanfung Developments project. Completed in 2013, the luxury interior design project can be found in Hong Kong. The project includes two luxury apartments kitted out in the usual high-octane glamorous interiors that are synonymous with the Kelly Hoppen brand.


The black floors, which both apartments share in common, add drama to the décor but also maintain a simple look.


The living room which includes a coffee table by Kelly Hoppen Home, rectangle ottoman in black moo, a side table in organic log with black wood and silver studs, the chainmail chandeliers from Ochre are just fabulous.


The idea for the design came from the location of the apartments and the designer wanted a fusion between the oriental and the occidental styles without forgetting about functionality in the process.


The predominant colors are neutral, the signature style of one of the best UK interior designers Kelly Hoppen.


“Using my famous neutral palette I have created a textural design that although modern in its appearance it will evolve timelessly.”


“Utilising Developments for Winfield in the Happy Valley Hong Kong, my first development within the Region; I have applied a perfect grid system fusion of East meets West to create two home styles that are not only practical to live in but are also stunning down to the last detail.”


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