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DecorAcción 2015 and Victoria Melián Randolph

From 11th to 14th of June, Barrio de las Letras in Madrid became once again the stage of DecorAcción, the design and interior design fair organized by Nuevo Estilo magazine, which this year reaches its sixth edition. The biggest new is that this year the fair reaches international projection, with the presence of international well-known interior designers like Victoria Melián Randolph and Erico Navazo.

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DecorAcción is a party designed for the stores, neighbors, and visitors feel part of this big interior design and design event. That’s why there are interesting activities like an antique free market, located in Cervantes, Quevedo, San Pedro and San Agustín streets, where over 62 antique dealers will show their best pieces. Or like the textile path, where the people can look the clothes that modify the front buildings of emblematic buildings like Ateneo.

Moreover, the most important Spanish interior designers showed their abilities in the store shows and front building of the stores and houses, so each corner can acquire a different taste. Not forgetting the balcony competition that will allow the neighbors to demonstrate their decoration aptitudes.

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As mentioned above, Victoria Melián Randolph was one of the guest interior designers.

Color, shape equilibrium, practicality and a bit of eccentricity always controlled and in its right amount, are the keys that shape Melián Randolph’s style. A personal sign that and aesthetic quality learnt form her childhood, that breathes chosen south hidden corners and transfer travel experiences, love for the art and lots of living positive attitudes.

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Victoria Milián started this professional course as decorator in 1988 in New York, working in Antonella Scarisini’s studio (Scarsini & Melián). From that moment on she has maintained her professional labor as interior designer in Madrid.

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In 1996, she associated with her sister Sylvia, stylist and collaborator of the most prestigious decoration specialized magazines at national and international level. Together they make a mix that takes care of each project making it special and unique.

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images: www.melianrandolph.com

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