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Betsy Burnham and Burnham Design

With an open-minded and detail-oriented approach that defines interiors that are at once elegant, exotic and urbane, Burnham Design has established itself as one of the west coast’s most influential interior design practices.

Betsy Burnham and Burnham Design

Starting with high design concepts, their process polishes and softens with the grit of the unpredictable – curated with touches of street style or elements from design’s cutting edge, personal taste, rigorous editing and an architectural perspective bring out flawlessly executed interiors that are welcoming and visually delightful, done but never overdone.

Betsy Burnham and Burnham Design 2

The Burnham Design aesthetic is clever and highly considered, never precious and always livable with a strong dose of fun that allows their clients to inhabit the rooms they create with comfort and ease. Their look successfully mixes couture with vintage and antiques with electric guitars to create spaces to reflect their clients’ personality.

Burnham Design has been widely recognized by fashion and design’s most respected publications. Instyle described their look as equal parts “chic and cheeky” and house beautiful wrote of the firm’s “maximum impact” style. Their work has graced the pages of glossy magazines around the world and illuminated the pixels of the hottest design blogs and sites.

Betsy Burnham and Burnham Design 4

From their Los Angeles studio, the firm continues to create world-class spaces for clients that appreciate a style that is a little bit country club and a little bit rock-and-roll.


Besty Burnham

Betsy Burnham marries the classic with the unexpected in fresh compositions of texture, color, pattern and wit to create distinguished interiors that simultaneously showcase the designer’s clear aesthetic vision and her client’s own personal taste. Bringing a traditional east coast pedigree, a savvy eye for color and an adventurous sense of style, Betsy curates interiors that are sophisticated, livable, timeless and always personalized to her clients and their lives.

Betsy Burnham and Burnham Design 3

Betsy and her work have been featured extensively in the media, including appearances on the today show and coverage in the new York times, house beautiful, Los Angeles times and Instyle, among others.

Betsy Burnham and Burnham Design 5

A native of Conneticut, Betsy graduated Cum Laude from Dartmouth College and began her career in the New York fashion industry. She relocated to Los Angeles in 1989, where she channeled her talents in fashion and interiors to launch her eponymous design firm. Betsy lives in the Hancock Park neighborhood of LA with her husband Mark Stern, daughter Carson, son Will and two Chihuahuas – Lola and Nina Garcia.

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