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Best Interior Designers: Top Hotel Designs

Right in the holiday season we decided to take a look at some of the most beautiful hotels created by such great interior designers as Karim Rashid, Blacksheep or Patricia Urquiola . Each one of them is one in a kind, real gems with primary focus on design. Enjoy!

J Plus by Yoo – Causeway Bay – Hong Kong

Voted one of the five best boutique hotels in Greater China by the British Independent newspaper in 2006 and featured on the Conde Nast Hot List. Asia’s first boutique hotel, lauded as the best boutique hotel in Asia by Conde Nast Traveller and The Independent, and upgraded for 2014 by YOO Studio. The J Plus Hotel features 32 studios and 24 luxury suites, resplendent with bold colours, contrasting contemporary and traditional styles and a lively mixture of traditional Chinese motifs and European furnishings.

best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-jplus_lobby best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-jplus-room

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Qbic Hotels by Blacksheep – London – United Kingdom

Qbic is an affordable pod style hotel for the budget savvy traveller. Key to their offer is their modular bedrooms, called Cubis, which are made off-site and can be easily installed to exacting specifications. Blacksheep was to design the public spaces including a dining/living area and library, which would not only translate Qbic’s strong brand identity and philosophy but also reflect the charm and vibrancy of its East London location, Whitechapel.

best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-qbic best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-qbic-room

PURO by Blacksheep – Poznan – Poland

Poznan is home to Poland’s design university and is just an hour’s drive to Berlin. Being situated in such an influential location has allowed the design team to push the boundaries of the PURO experience and deliver a fresh and fun look that’s fitting with the local demographic.

best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-puro best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-puro-room

Nhow by Karim Rashid – Berlin – Germany

Nhow hotel celebrates Berlin’s modern zeitgeist and connects it to the rest of the world by creating a technorganic land of data-driven art and spaces. Set on the Spree River, the old line between East and West Berlin, the Nhow hotel bridges the digital age of information and the physical and spiritual needs of visitors. The two towers are designed for different needs. The East Tower rooms feature a sunrise/sunset color scheme of warm golds and invigorating fuchsia. The West Tower Technolux rooms have cooler color schemes of grey, blue and pale pink. High aloft the hotel, the Upper towers have premium views of the Spree River, and are awash in calm colors, ideal for business traveler or peaceful get-away.

best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-nhow best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-nhow-room

W Hotel by Patricia Urquiola – Vieques Island – Puerto Rico

The dialogue between the designed interiors and the natural setting creates an eclectic combination that extends from the surrounding landscape to create a sense of contrast with the interior furnishings. Designed to be airy and whimsical, there is an evident seduction in the combination of pure and recycled materials, organic forms, and avant-garde furniture.

best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-wvieques best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-wvieques2

SLS Hotel by Philippe Starck – Beverly Hills – USA

SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills is the first true luxury hotel that Starck designed in North America, having single-handedly redefined every aspect of the hotel experience in the 1990s and spurred the ‘boutique hotel’ movement. Featuring a unique dual guest lobby concept where one will cater exclusively to hotel guests, while the other will be a lively, multi-faceted public dining and retail environment called The Bazaar. Starck’s ingenious innovations for SLS promise to surprise, soothe, excite and enchant, while representing an important evolution for the celebrated designer.

best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-sls1 best-interior-designers-top-hotel-designs-sls2

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