Rose Uniacke is a daughter of the well-known antiques dealer, therefore her career stared from restoring furniture. After moving to France in 1994 Rose begun sending antique furniture to England.

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Since her return three years later she engaged in collaboration with her mother. The first design job came from one of the customers requesting help in decorating home.

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Rose Uniacke is an interior designer, a designer of furniture and lighting – for individual clients as well as for her showroom – and a dealer in both antiques and pieces by other, usually well known, designers. Currently married to David Heyman, the producer of the Harry Potter films, Rose became known to a wider public after taking over the decorating job of Beckham’s house previously given Kelly Hoppen.

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Rose Uniacke is recognised for her minimalistic approach and ability to tap into the style and vibe of the space, creating calm, comfortable and harmonious interiors.

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2013 Winner of the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year award undertakes projects ranging from private residence to hotels, commercial spaces and private estates.

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She and her team work internationally but are based in Pimlico, in central London, in spacious premises that serve as a showroom and, below stairs, a design studio and offices. They also work with independent craftspeople in different parts of the country.

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