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Today, you’ll find out a little bit more about Pierre Yovanovitch. A french interior designer that is building his way into the design royalty.

As many of the best interior designers in the world, Pierre Yovanovitch didn’t start his professional career as an interior designer.
He began to work in fashion, as a designer of ready to wear clothes for Pierre Cardin.
Pierre’s passion for interior designs appeared when he started to decorate his own apartment. As he explains ““One thing led to another, and I was designing flats and houses for some friends”.

“Best Interior Designers Pierre Yovanovitch”  Best Interior Designers: Pierre Yovanovitch modern entrance hall pierre yovanovitch paris france 200802 1000 watermarkedModern entrance hall by Pierre Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch’s need for independence and realization drove him to open his own interior design company in 2000. It was a move inspired by passion: “ They (houses) are a much more important part of life than clothing.”

“Best Interior Designers Pierre Yovanovitch”  Best Interior Designers: Pierre Yovanovitch dash panache paris apartment pierre yovanovitch 1 living roomLiving room by Pierre Pierre Yovanovitch

Yovanovitch’s projects combine luxury and simplicity, audacity and discretion. The french designer makes his work without following the passing fads and trends.
Personalization is a key feature of Pierre’s interior design projects. Each design is built around the client needs and taste.

“Best Interior Designers Pierre Yovanovitch”  Best Interior Designers: Pierre Yovanovitch 02 yovanovitch decor EDC 12 13 xl 98757190The master bathroom of Pierre Yovanovitch‘s 17th century château

Pierre Yovanovitch has been making fantastic and beautiful interior designs over the past 13 years. His simple yet luxurious projects have been drawing attention all over the world. The french designer’s company now works for important and notorious clients. He is one of the best interior designers in the world.

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