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Best Interior Designers: Fischbach & Aberegg

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Fischbach & Aberegg create innovative and influential interior architecture and design concepts. The references at home and abroad speak for themselves. The company was founded in 1994 as Gastrokonzept GmbH. This was later followed by Fischbach & Aberegg AG.

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Tanja Fischbach and Christoph Aberegg complement each other perfectly for a complete interior architecture design concept with a unique atmosphere and lasting potential. Both stand for a cosmopolitan and contemporary style that is tailored to customers as well as their structures and goals. They have a passion for producing an optimum combination of classically aesthetic elements, avant-garde design of today and eclectic individual items with character, whereby the cleverly used light also helps create a warm atmosphere. The items of furniture and objects are often designed by themselves; this emphasises the individual nature of each project and ensures a homogenous concept. These are produced with trustworthy partners at competitive prices. This leads to rooms that combine emotionality and functionality. Rooms that strike a chord with people of different ages, cultures and personalities. It’s all about a sense of identity that can be experienced by guests, communicating a good feeling because every concept has its own personal touch. Over the past years more than 150 projects have been completed for hospitality, restaurants, retirement residences, wellness-SPA, retail shops, presentation rooms and offices as well as for private persons. The construction volume is 20-25 million Swiss francs a year. With its own staff and freelance collaborators, Fischbach & Aberegg is able to develop and execute orders of very different sizes.

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