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Roy Azar is a Mexican architect, interior designer, and hotelier whose eclectic style aims to create adorned yet fresh environments, characterized by explorations of the color palette, light and shadow for dramatic intensity, and is based in the 1970’s architectural innovations of the layout.

Currently Roy Azar Architects Firm is based in Mexico City with projects in the whole wide Mexican Country, as well as several appearances in interior design and architectural books of reference.

In his early years Azar absorbed from his environment the magic and mysticism of the Mediterranean and the Richness of its culture, which translate into his strokes of interior design. Many have defined him as a creative soul who finds inspiration in the things that surround him; experimenting, living, feeling, and above all enjoying: light, nature, a landscape, an object, a color, a scent.

Roy Azar Architects Design Studio, Prado Norte, Mexico City, 2010

For the design of his own studio, Roy Azar drew on residential elements akin to those encountered in a swank city loft. An open plan creates an airy feel and permits ample sunlight, while deep-hued wood floors imbue a warm feel.

Roy Azar Architects Studio Roy Azar Architects Studio

Oversized pendants illuminate marble-topped tables that function as workstations, evoking imagery of an upscale kitchen island. Building on that concept, a sleek meeting table with mismatched chairs resembles a dining area, complete with a modern chandelier hanging above.

Roy Azar Architects Studio

L’Ôtel, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 2011

Located in the geographical and emotional heart of San Miguel de Allende, the intimate L’Otel features just four suites set in a charming home on a quiet side street.

L'Otel San Miguel de Allende

Photo: Eduardo Contreras

L'Otel San Miguel de Allende

Photo: Eduardo Contreras

Guest rooms are individually decorated with stylish antiques, colorful artwork, and bold themes and feature delightfully comfortable beds with Italian linens, silk coverlets, and goose-down duvets.

Mítikah Mixed-Use Development (joint project with architects César Pelli, Richard Meier, and WSP Cantor Seinuk with Ideurban Technologies) , Mexico

Mitikah Mitikah

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