Best Interior Designer * Refined by Design
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Best Interior Designer * Refined by Design

Refined by Design specializes in creating fresh, tailored and elegant residential interiors that are refined reflections of a client’s personal style. Refined by Design is one of the Canada’s best interior design studios.

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Owner, Heather Hodgson, believes that homes should not feel intimidating and always emote a welcoming and warm ambiance. She feels it is essential to collaborate closely with each client so that each project is customized specifically to their unique requirements & taste.BestInteriorDesigner-RefinedbyDesign-7”A successful design should always enhance the client’s lifestyle and be able to be maintained effortlessly”, says Heather Hodgson.

SEE ALSO: TOP 15 INTERIOR DESIGNERS IN CANADABestInteriorDesigner-RefinedbyDesign-3Refined by Design engages in residential interior design projects of all sizes and scopes. Each project type is just as different as each client’s requirements. The designers can take on anything from the decoration of a single room to the full renovation of an entire home.BestInteriorDesigner-RefinedbyDesign-2The firm can offer project management services that will supervise the project throughout; allowing its clients to focus on their daily life without the stress and worry. Or, for those who would like to take on projects on their own, the designers also provide consultation that can provide budgetary ideas, space planning, style and color ideas.

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Heather is passionate about creating captivating refined spaces in which each client can take absolute pride in. Heather uses her own considerable experience, creativity and those of her professional consultants and manufacturers to help create truly bespoke interiors. Heather utilizes her vast experience in the construction process as well as her knowledge of products and market trends to help find smarter ways to save costs while still delivering current and timeless designs.BestInteriorDesigner-RefinedbyDesign-6Focused and reliable, Heather pursues every detail to completion. Heather likes to ensure that every client gets a unique impressive design that will get their friends talking!