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Originally a sculptor and painter, Bustamante’s artistic eye gives him a unique perspective on interior design from an aesthetic point of view. Bustamante explains, “We seek to create warm spaces in which the ‘beat’ of a cosmopolitan and vibrant city like Madrid is acknowledged, without undermining the essence of the building.”

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“We are trying to make modern and classical style coexist, the same happens with the interior design, In each project I try to learn how my clients like and wish to live, analysing their personalities but never forgetting my interior design rules of order, functionality and harmony. Basically I try to translate their dreams.”

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Luis Bustamante’s studio has carried out residential, commercial and ephemeral projects adapting his works to different enviroments and working conditions.

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His undeniable international background and accurate work has permitted the studio to develop several projects in New York, Miami, London, Gstaad, Caracas, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc.

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