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Interior Design Tips

100 Decorating Tips From Best Interior Designers 6/10

Part six of 100 very useful decorating tips from best interior designers gathered by HouseBeautiful.

  1. People don’t take into account how they’ll look in a room when choosing a color. I just did an apartment where the woman has blue eyes with a bit of a purple tint to them, so everything is lavender to purple. She simply glows. And I recently did an orange foyer. I chose a particular shade of orange because my client has brown hair, and brunettes look great in orange. Then I took that exact same orange – not just any orange, that exact shade – and ran it through the house. It keeps popping up in different ways. A colour has got to move  – it can’t look like it’s landed Stan Topol

    Stan Topol

  2. Keep a minimum 15” between coffee tables and sofas Alexa Hampton


  3. I like to use velvet on sofas and chairs because it’s so comfortable. But only low-pile velvet. If you put plush velvet on them, you’ll see the shadow of a person’s behind when they get up. Big mistake! Susan Ferrier

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  4. I like my curtains just twice the width of the window, not puffy. And a 1” break on the floor – no puddling.  I like the look of a long, lean line, more a column than a ball gown on the walls. Christina Rottman

    Christina Rottman

  5. When painting your walls, go bolder and stronger than you’re comfortable with. After it’s finished, if it’s too intense, gray the color with its complement (use a color wheel) and wash it on – you get an expensive decorator look in hours, and it is so easy! Pour the paint in a paint tray and, then with a wet rag slosh and rub the new color over the old savagely. The color will then be a quieter version of itself, and you should immediately love the effect. This has worked for me 99 times out of 100. Jim Howard

    Jim Howard

  6. A few very, very large-scaled pieces make a room appear bigger. It’s kind of counterintuitive, but it works. Here’s another thing that’s counterintuitive. Paint a small space a dark color. Just go for it. I had a small room in a house once with a tiny, tiny window. I painted it chocolate brown, and it came alive. It was so sexy. Susan Ferrier

    elle decor, Daily, montana, big sky, yellowstone

  7. Slather a reflective, glossy glaze on any lower ceiling to create the illusion of height. Conversely, if the ceiling seems too high in a space, use a matte-finish paint, preferably in a cola or a darker tone, or cover the ceiling with raffia or paper.Barry Dixon

    Barry Dixon

  8. To give rooms architectural detail when they don’t have any, paint a 1 1/2 to 2” lining stripe around the ceiling and up the walls in the corners. It’s a rich touch, a way to get a lot of look with just paint. Marshall Watson

    Marshall Watson

  9. It is my firm belief that upper cabinets are just not useful and actually impede the easy use of a kitchen. I therefore strongly advocate replacing them with simple open shelving. In one fell swoop, you have instantly enlarged the sense of a room and made the countertops below that much more comfortable for casual food preparation.Kathryn M. Ireland

    Santa Monica home of textile and interior designer Kathryn Ireland

  10. Measure the depth of your dressers, desks, and other furniture before purchasing a rug. The rug should stop before the furniture in most cases. Angie Hranowski

    Angie Hranowski


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